Models Are Moving Mainstream

Learn why models are growing in popularity and why there's more to the Natixis Model Portfolios.

Why model portfolios are growing in popularity is highlighted in this short video, including:

  • Investors like professionally managed portfolios with more personalized and valuable planning from their advisors.
  • Advisors appreciate more time to grow and deepen client relationships.
  • 84% of fund selectors surveyed1 say models offer added discipline and oversight to investment decision-making.
1 Natixis Investment Managers surveyed 400 professional fund selectors globally in 21 countries through the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, the United Kingdom and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). In the US and Canada combined, Natixis surveyed 133 fund selectors. Respondents included chief investment officers, directors and investment team members at independent financial advisors, wirehouses, registered investment advisors, insurance company investment platforms, private banks and family offices. Data were gathered in November and December 2020 by the research firm CoreData.

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