Natixis US Trends Report Shows Portfolios Tilted Toward Active Investments Outperformed in 2017

April 3, 2018
In its year-end review of moderate-risk advisor-managed portfolios, Natixis Investment Managers’ Portfolio Clarity® US Trends Report shows that investors whose portfolios tilted toward active investments performed slightly better than those more reliant on passive in 2017. The US Trends Report provides a twice-yearly analysis of moderate portfolios reviewed by Natixis’ Portfolio Research and Consulting Group.

US Investment Portfolios Outperform International Peers in 2017, Finds Annual Natixis Global Portfolio Barometer

March 21, 2018
US investors fared better in 2017 than their international peers, according to the Global Portfolio Barometer published by Natixis Investment Managers. The in-depth analysis of model portfolio performance drivers and asset allocation decisions across the world looked at a global sample of 466 “moderate risk” or “balanced” portfolios in nine regions.

Natixis Investment Managers Takes First Place in Barron’s Best Fund Families Ranking for One-Year Performance

March 12, 2018
Barron’s/Lipper has ranked Natixis Investment Managers as the #1 US fund family for the one year period. This is the third time in five years that Natixis has placed at the top of the Barron’s rankings, having placed first for overall performance across its suite of US mutual funds in 2016 and 2013.

Natixis Asset Management Renamed Ostrum Asset Management

March 7, 2018
Natixis Asset Management, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, will be renamed Ostrum Asset Management as of April 3, 2018. Ostrum Asset Management will focus on its core investment capabilities, fixed income, equity and insurance.

Appetite Increases for Green Bonds but Investors Demand More Education and Transparency

Feb. 28, 2018
Natixis Investment Managers’ Center for Investment Insight and the California State Treasurer’s Office announced the findings from a new survey of 500 California residents during the California State Treasurer’s Green Bonds Symposium. The study explores the challenges and opportunities of engaging investors in the state’s growing green bond market.

Natixis Investment Managers Affiliated Funds Earn 2018 US Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards

Feb. 28, 2018
Natixis Investment Managers announced that five affiliate-managed funds earned 2018 US Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards for consistently strong risk-adjusted performance relative to peers. Loomis, Sayles & Company; Harris Associates / Oakmark Funds; and Gateway Investment Advisers were recognized during an annual ceremony held on February 27 in New York.

Preparing for a Market Shift as Volatility Returns: Institutional Investors Focus on Alternative Investments, ESG and Risk Management, Natixis Survey Finds

Feb. 22, 2018
Natixis’ Center for Investor Insight surveyed 500 institutional investors around the world to gain insight about how they are balancing long-term objectives with short-term opportunities and pressures. Volatility finally roared back to abnormally tame markets, but most institutional investors were already bracing for impact; their efforts to diversify and build durable portfolios may now pay off.

Shelton Group Reaches Sustainable Investing Milestone, Offering Natixis Sustainable Future FundsSM in Employee 401(k) Plans

Feb. 15, 2018
Natixis Investment Managers announced that Shelton Group has adopted the Natixis Sustainable Future FundsSM into its retirement plan lineup, thus enabling Shelton Group’s employees to invest their 401(k) retirement assets in the industry’s only target-date open-end mutual fund series that follows a broad environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing approach.

The Oakmark International Fund to Slow Inflows

Jan. 26, 2018
Harris Associates L.P., adviser to the Oakmark Funds and an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, announced today that the Oakmark International Fund will close to new investors at most third-party intermediaries, effective immediately.

Natixis Investment Managers and NYSE Announce Licensing Agreement on Proposed Actively Managed ETF Innovation

Jan. 22, 2018
Natixis Investment Managers and the NYSE Group, Inc. (NYSE) announced today that they have entered into a licensing agreement whereby NYSE Group has licensed to Natixis Advisors, L.P. the right to use the New York Stock Exchange’s methodology for operating an actively managed, periodically disclosed exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Awards and Recognition

Barron’s Ranks Natixis Investment Managers Funds #1 Fund Family of 2017
Natixis Investment Managers is ranked #1 in the Barron’s/Lipper Fund Families Ranking based on an evaluation of 2017 performance for the Natixis FundsOakmark Funds, and Loomis Sayles Funds1

LipperAward2018Five Natixis-affiliated Funds earned 2018 Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards in the US.2

  • Gateway Fund, Y Class [GTEYX] managed by Gateway Investment Advisers – Ranked #1 based on 13 eligible US funds (41 share classes) for the five-year period ending November 30, 2017, for the Alternative Equity Market Neutral Funds category.
  • Oakmark Global Select Fund, Investor Class [OAKWX] managed by Harris Associates – Ranked #1 based on 11 eligible US funds (35 share classes) for the three-year period and 10 eligible US funds (27 share classes) for the five-year period ending November 30, 2017, for the Global Large-Cap Value Funds category.
  • Loomis Sayles Senior Floating Rate and Fixed Income Fund, A Class [LSFAX] – Ranked #1 based on 51 eligible US funds (199 share classes) for the three-year period and 37 eligible US funds (155 share classes) for the five-year period ending November 30, 2017, for the Loan Participation Funds category.
  • Loomis Sayles Core Plus Bond Fund, Y Class [NERYX] – Ranked #1 based on 43 eligible US funds (110 share classes) for the 10-year period ending November 30, 2017, for the Core Plus Bond Funds category.
  • Loomis Sayles Limited Term Government and Agency Fund, Y Class [NELYX] – Ranked #1 based on 10 eligible US funds (21 share classes) for the 10-year period ending November 30, 2017, for the Short-Intermediate US Government Funds category.

smithsAllStarLogo2017SMITH’s All-Star Analysts
McDonnell Investment Management’s highly-experienced and team-oriented research continues to differentiate the firm from its peers as further demonstrated by SMITH’s 2017 Municipal All-Star Program announcement. SMITH’s Municipal All-Star Program provides recognition in the municipal space based on a firm’s research capabilities and not on product performance. Members of Smith’s Blue Ribbon Ballot Committee nominate what they believe to be the nation’s leading municipal analysts to the ballot. The final ballot is sent out to 1,000 institutional investors for voting. Only Institutional Investors can vote. SMITH’s Municipal All-Star Program includes sell-side and buy-side firms, rating agencies, as well as independent research analysts. Four investment professionals at McDonnell were acknowledged for their research contributions:

  • Brad Mincke, Managing Director and Co-head of Research, was selected for the Higher Education Bond and Buyside Director of Research categories.
  • Kelly Cruse, Senior Fixed Income Analyst, was selected for the Water & Sewer Revenue Bonds category.
  • Andrea McKeague, Senior Fixed Income Analyst, was selected for the General Obligation Bonds and Non-Debt: Certificates of Participation (COP), Lease-Backed, Appropriation Risk categories.
  • Bedford Lydon, Senior Fixed Income Analyst, was selected for the Transportation Revenue Bonds–Toll Roads category.
Collectively, the SMITH’s Municipal All-Star Program named McDonnell’s research team among SMITH’s top 10 All-Star Teams, ranking McDonnell 6th overall out of 76 buy- and sell-side firms in 2017.

Boston Business Journal 2017 Corporate Citizenship Summit Most Generous EmployeesMost Generous Employees3
Natixis Investment Managers (formerly Natixis Global Asset Management) was recognized by the Boston Business Journal as having the most generous employees for the sixth consecutive year.

Boston Business Journal 2017 Corporate Citizenship Summit Top Charitable CorporationsTop Charitable Corporation3
Natixis Investment Managers (formerly Natixis Global Asset Management) was named among the top charitable corporations by the Boston Business Journal, placing 35th out of 94 firms.

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1 Barron's/Lipper 2017 fund family ranking is based on an evaluation of 58 qualifying US fund companies’ 2017 performance. Ranking reflects fund total returns, excluding loads, 12b-1 fees, and expenses; fund family must have at least three actively managed funds or smart beta ETFs in Lipper’s general US stock category, one world equity fund, one mixed equity fund, two taxable bond funds, and one tax-exempt bond fund. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Each fund’s performance is measured against all of the other funds in its Lipper category. Percentile ranking (100 the highest and 1 the lowest) is then weighted by asset size relative to the fund family’s other assets in its general classification. Finally, the score is multiplied by the weighting of its general classification, as determined by the entire Lipper universe of funds. The category weightings for the one-year results in 2017 were general equity, 36.1%; mixed asset, 19.9%; world equity, 18.7%; taxable bond, 21.2%; tax-exempt bond, 4%. The category weightings for the five-year results in 2017 were general equity, 36.6%; world equity, 18.8%; mixed asset, 19.2%; taxable bond, 21.2%; and tax-exempt bond, 4.2%.

2 Lipper Fund Classification Award (2018): For funds with multiple share classes, Lipper selects the share class with the best Lipper Leader score as the basis for the award winner for demonstrating consistently strong risk-adjusted returns compared with peers. The highest Lipper Leader for Consistent Return (Effective Return) value determines the fund classification winner for each period. Lipper classification awards are given for the 3-, 5-, and 10-year periods and do not include the effect of sales charges. Past performance is no guarantee of, and not necessarily indicative of, future results. ​From Thomson Reuters Lipper Awards, ©2018 Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. Used by permission and protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States. The printing, copying, redistribution, or retransmission of this Content without express written permission is prohibited.

3 In September 2017, the Boston Business Journal hosted its annual BBJ Corporate Citizenship Summit that convened business leaders on the topics of corporate philanthropy and social responsibility. Natixis Investment Managers (formerly Natixis Global Asset Management) and its Boston-based associates earned the following accolades: Named a Top 2017 Charitable Contributor (35th out of 94 firms with $1.9 million charitable donations), and the Most Generous Employees distinction (average $1,152 donation per Boston-based associate).

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