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Fixed income
Active fixed income investments uncover yield and value opportunities while mitigating risk. Tap into Natixis Investment Managers’ expertise.
Portfolio analysis & consulting
In-depth portfolio analysis to identify and measure sources and drivers of risk and return that can be applied to asset allocation in client portfolios.
Macro Insights
Get data-driven analysis of today’s capital markets that looks beyond the headlines and helps you put current events into better context.
Tools of the Trade
Tap into insights, portfolio analysis techniques, and educational tools to explore trends, navigate rapidly changing markets, and uncover opportunities.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We continuously work to create an environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its forms, across gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, and background.

Account access

Use the links below to access accounts, view account balances, purchase shares or sign up for e-delivery of financial reports and regulatory documents from Natixis Funds. For help or more information, contact us at 800-225-5478.

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Common FAQ's

Address change

There are three ways to change the address on your account:

  1. Access your account to change it online
  2. Call 800-225-5478 to speak with an Investor Services Representative.
  3. Submit your request in writing to the address listed below.

For all accounts excluding SIMPLE IRAs:
Natixis Funds
P.O. Box 219579
Kansas City, MO 64121-9579


For SIMPLE IRA accounts:
Natixis Funds
P.O. Box 219011
Kansas City, MO 64121-9011


When updating your address of record without a Medallion Signature Guarantee, there will be a 30-day hold on your account for all redemptions by check for security purposes.


Changing your name on your account

Complete the Name Change Request Form. If you do not attach a certified copy of the legal name change document, you will be required to obtain either a Medallion Signature Guarantee or Signature Validation Program Stamp on this form.


These requirements are for Individual, Joint and IRA accounts. If you do not have one of these accounts and want to change your name, please contact us directly for further information.


Power of attorney

To be listed on the account registration as Power of Attorney, complete a Natixis Funds Durable Power of Attorney. All sections must be completed and notarized as indicated on the form.


An outside Power of Attorney document may be used; however, it can only be used for a one-time transaction. The Power of Attorney document must be an original, or a copy certified within 60 days of the request. The request must be submitted in a letter of instruction signed by the Attorney-in-Fact, whose signature must have a Medallion Signature Guarantee. A new Power of Attorney document and letter of instruction must be submitted with each request.


Please note that an outside Power of Attorney document will not allow someone to act on an account over the phone. To act over the phone, the Attorney-in-Fact must be listed on the account registration.

Complete the Change of Registration Form.


Changing the registration due to death

Please call 800-225-5478 to speak to an Investor Services Representative for information on how to reregister the account. Investor Services Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

To add or change a beneficiary on an account, please complete and send an IRA Beneficiary Designation Form for an IRA account or a Transfer on Death Agreement for an Individual account.


First, access your account by logging in. Then, click on the Buy, Sell or Exchange button next to the account in which you want to process a transaction. Follow the instructions listed on the subsequent screens. Please note that you must have banking instructions on file on your account to purchase shares online.


By phone

Call 800-225-5478 to speak to an Investor Services Representative for help with buying, selling or exchanging shares on your account. Investor Services Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.


By mail

Purchasing shares

Complete the add-on slip attached at the end of your quarterly statement and mail it, along with your check, to us. For retirement accounts, indicate on the slip which type of contribution you're making and the contribution year. A letter can also be mailed, along with your check, outlining which fund and account the monies should be deposited into. Again, for retirement accounts please indicate which type of contribution you are making and for which contribution year.


Selling shares

Complete the Natixis Redemption Request Form. You will need to get a Medallion Signature Guarantee stamp on the form to have a check made payable to someone other than the registered owner(s), or sent to an address other than the address listed on your account.


Please note, SEP Employer Contributions will only be reported for calendar year in which they are received and can not be reported as prior year.


Exchanging shares

Send a letter of instruction and include your name, the name of the Fund and the account number from which you wish to redeem shares, and the name of the Fund and the account number into which you wish to buy shares. Specify the number of shares or dollar amount you wish to exchange and provide signatures of all account owners exactly as their names appear on the account registration.

* Certain types of accounts, and accounts held through an intermediary such as a Broker Dealer or a Registered Investment Advisor, may not be accessed through this website. You may need to access your account through your intermediary.