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  • Natixis Funds
    All account types except SIMPLE IRAs     800-225-5478
    For SIMPLE IRA accounts     800-813-4127
    AEW Global Focused Real Estate Fund
    Gateway Equity Call Premium Fund
    Gateway Fund
    Loomis Sayles Core Plus Bond Fund
    Loomis Sayles Global Allocation Fund
    Loomis Sayles Global Growth Fund
    Loomis Sayles Growth Fund
    Loomis Sayles High Income Fund
    Loomis Sayles Intermediate Duration Bond Fund
    Loomis Sayles International Growth Fund
    Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond Fund
    Loomis Sayles Limited Term Government and Agency Fund
    Loomis Sayles Senior Floating Rate and Fixed Income Fund
    Loomis Sayles Strategic Alpha Fund
    Loomis Sayles Strategic Income Fund
    Mirova Global Green Bond Fund
    Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund
    Mirova International Sustainable Equity Fund
    Natixis Oakmark Fund
    Natixis Oakmark International Fund
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2015 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2020 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2025 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2030 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2035 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2040 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2045 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2050 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2055 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2060 Fund®
    Natixis Sustainable Future 2065 Fund®
    Natixis U.S. Equity Opportunities Fund
    Vaughan Nelson Mid Cap Fund
    Vaughan Nelson Select Fund
    Vaughan Nelson Small Cap Value Fund
  • Loomis Sayles Funds     800-633-3330
    Loomis Sayles Bond Fund
    Loomis Sayles Fixed Income Fund
    Loomis Sayles Global Bond Fund
    Loomis Sayles Inflation Protected Securities Fund
    Loomis Sayles Institutional High Income Fund
    Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Fixed Income Fund
    Loomis Sayles Small Cap Growth Fund
    Loomis Sayles Small Cap Value Fund
    Loomis Sayles Small/Mid Cap Growth Fund
  • Oakmark Funds     800-625-6275
    Oakmark Bond Fund
    Oakmark Equity and Income Fund
    Oakmark Fund
    Oakmark Global Fund
    Oakmark Global Select Fund
    Oakmark International Fund
    Oakmark International Small Cap Fund
    Oakmark Select Fund
  • WCM Funds     888-988-9801
    WCM China Quality Growth Fund
    WCM Developing World Equity Fund
    WCM Focused Emerging Markets ex China Fund
    WCM Focused Emerging Markets Fund
    WCM Focused Global Growth Fund
    WCM Focused International Growth Fund
    WCM Focused International Opportunities Fund
    WCM Focused International Value Fund
    WCM International Equity Fund
    WCM International Small Cap Growth Fund
    WCM Mid Cap Quality Value Fund
    WCM Quality Dividend Growth Fund
    WCM Small Cap Growth Fund
    WCM SMID Quality Value Fund
  • Vaughan Nelson Funds     888-660-6610
    Vaughan Nelson Emerging Markets Fund
    Vaughan Nelson International Fund
  • Natixis ETFs     800-458-7452
    Natixis Gateway Quality Income ETF
    Natixis Loomis Sayles Focused Growth ETF
    Natixis Loomis Sayles Short Duration Income ETF
    Natixis Vaughan Nelson Mid Cap ETF
    Natixis Vaughan Nelson Select ETF

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Do not send complaints to the Funds or the Fund's Distributor via this portal. Any written complaints concerning the Natixis, or Loomis Sayles Funds should be directed to Natixis/Loomis Sayles Funds, 2000 Crown Colony Drive, Quincy, MA 02169, or by telephone 800-225-5478. Written complaints regarding the WCM, or Vaughan Nelson Funds should be directed to WCM/Vaughan Nelson Funds, 235 West Galena Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212 or by telephone 888-988-9801. Written complaints regarding the Fund's distributor should be directed to Natixis Distribution, LLC., Attn: Chief Compliance Officer, 888 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199 or call us at 617-449-2828.

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    Natixis Investment Managers

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  • Natixis Fund Investors

    For all account types (excluding SIMPLE IRAs)

    Regular mail:
    Natixis Funds
    P.O. Box 219579
    Kansas City, MO 64121-9579

    Overnight mail:
    Natixis Funds
    330 West 9th Street
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    For SIMPLE IRA accounts:
    Natixis Funds
    P.O. Box 219011
    Kansas City, MO 64121-9011

    Natixis ETFs Investors
    Natixis Advisors, LLC
    888 Boylston Street
    Boston, Massachusetts 02199


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