4 Trends Shaping Sustainable Investing and the World

How demographics, environment, technology, and governance trends are creating opportunities for sustainable investing.

How Sustainable Investing Helps Address Demographic Challenges and Trends

A growing middle class presents sustainable opportunities for investors to help meet demand for consumer goods and health care.

Shared Traits: 5 Similarities Between ESG and Alternative Strategies

While ESG strategies may seem to have little in common with alternative strategies, a closer look at each reveals that they share some similarities.

Building a Sustainable Future: ESG in Retirement Plans

Learn why funds that consider ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors are gaining traction with retirement plan sponsors and participants.

What Can Zebra Mussels Teach Investors About Sustainable Investing?

While renewable energy is an important component of green business, the scope of companies working to address sustainability challenges is expansive.

ESG Sustainable Developments: Why More Investors Want to Go Green

An explanation of global growing interest in sustainable strategies, including green bonds that help finance ESG-related endeavors.

Green Light: Understanding ESG Guidance for Retirement Fiduciaries

Financial professionals acting as retirement plan fiduciaries can consider ESG factors in their investment decision-making.

Environmental, Social, Governance: Introducing ESG

Learn how using ESG criteria can help determine a company’s fair value and manage portfolio risks.

Enhance Client Relationships with ESG Sustainable Investing Options

Financial professionals may be able to build relationships with cause-conscious investors interested in values-based ESG options.

Advisor Atlas: Is ESG Investing Sustainable in the Trump Era?

Discussing the state of ESG investing following Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump Pulls US Out of Paris Climate Pact. Now What?

Economic, environmental, and sustainable impact of the US president’s actions.

Inspiring Opportunity: Millennials, ESG, and Retirement Saving

Why ESG strategies might be a way for financial professionals to help motivate Millennial investors to save for retirement.

Alphabet Soup: Understanding SRI, ESG, and Sustainable Investing

A better understanding of sustainable investing can start with a definition of terms.

ESG Strategies Could Make Retirement More Personal

Aligning with workers’ personal values may help increase defined contribution plan participation.

Initial Thoughts on Brexit and a Sustainable World

The UK has woken up as a divided country. While 52% of the voters prefer to leave the European Union, 48% wanted to stay. At first glance, it looks...

Renewables Among Mega Trends Reshaping the World

For the first time ever, renewable energy made up a majority of all new electricity-generating capacity added worldwide in 2015, according to a recent United Nations report.