Fixed Income Opportunity for a Rising Rate Environment

Christopher Harms discusses opportunity for active short duration income in today’s rising interest rate environment.

Analyzing Winning Characteristics of Active Investment Managers

Baseball fan and Harris Associates PM Bill Nygren discusses what to consider when drafting an active manager for your portfolio.

US and Latin America/US Offshore Outpace Peers for 2017 Performance

Insight into asset allocation trends and top performing model portfolios based on a 2017 global study of investment performance.

Clearing Up the Misconception: Understanding ETF Trading Volume

A closer look at how shares in exchange-traded funds are bought and sold.

Preparing Fixed Income Portfolios for Rising Interest Rates

Discussing ways to mitigate the potential effects of rising interest rates on fixed income portfolios.

Fixed Income ETFs: Unique Premium/Discounts Explained

Understanding the potential price fluctuations unique to fixed income ETFs due to both structural and technical factors.

3 Reasons to Consider a Low Volatility International ETF

As an active international minimum volatility ETF, Seeyond’s MVIN could help prepare your portfolio for the next market cycle.

US Asset Allocation Trends – Winter 2018

Equity returns hit new highs in 2017, but which model portfolios had the best performance?

SALT Shake-up: Muni Bonds After Tax Reform

Geographically diversified portfolios may still be the best way to manage risk and generate income from municipal bonds.

Advantages of High Active Share Strategies

Three veteran portfolio managers explore the advantages of high active share and putting distance between the benchmark and portfolios.

Natixis Portfolio Clarity® Global Portfolio Barometer Review of 2017

Natixis Investment Managers’ annual Global Portfolio Barometer offers insights into model portfolios and asset allocation decisions from across the world.

Volatility Quiz: Are You Prepared for Potential Market Turbulence?

Forming a more complete understanding of volatility and the ways it can be managed

Why Women May Gravitate Toward Alternative Investments

A look at the parallels between women’s investment preferences and some alternative investment strategies

Potential Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Portfolios

A new era of tax policy and cuts is under way, one in which portfolio tax management could be even more important for investors.

How to Evaluate Different Types of Exchange-Traded Funds

A look at how to evaluate the similarities and differences between passive strategies, smart beta, and active exchange-traded funds.

Rainy Day Funds: Understanding Short-Term Investment Strategies

Comparing the benefits and risks of three investment strategies that investors can consider when planning for short-term expenses.

New Maps: Charting Innovation in the Fixed Income ETF Landscape

A look at the current state of the ETF landscape and innovation in fixed income exchange-traded funds.

Asset Allocator’s Guide to Equity Beta-Reducing Strategies

Equity substitutes, equity complements, and equity diversifiers. All of these strategies may play a role in risk mitigation, but they do so in different ways.

Building Portfolios Now: Late Business Cycle Investment Ideas

Investment ideas to potentially reduce volatility and to help manage fixed income risk late in the business cycle.

Portfolio Model Program

Learn about the Natixis Portfolio Clarity® suite of model portfolios, designed to address four distinct asset allocation objectives.

  • December 12, 2017
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Going Active: A Dynamic Approach to Smart Beta

How selecting smart beta strategies with active oversight and implementation in volatile markets may help manage risk.

Mind the Gap: The Hidden Risks of Smart Beta Indexing

Uncovering the potential for manager risk in smart beta indexing approaches.

Cruise Control or Four-Wheel Drive: Comparing Different Kinds of Smart Beta

A look at the potential benefits and risks of a range of factor-based investing strategies.

Not Your Father’s Index: Understanding Smart Beta Strategies

Not all smart beta strategies are built the same – some utilize a passive index-based approach while others are actively managed.

Understanding the Value of Active Share

Know how to effectively evaluate equity investment performance against a benchmark with active share.

US Asset Allocation Trends – Mid-Year 2017

With asset class returns broadly positive in the first half of 2017, see what worked best and why.

Allocate Globally to “Best Ideas”

Loomis Sayles Global Allocation Fund’s veteran management team discuss the importance of their go-anywhere, best-ideas approach and continuous collaboration, along with where the value is today.

The Advisor's Role as "Chief Financial Officer" in Client Retirement

Retirement planning, liability matching, expense forecasting and the advisor's role as a client's chief financial officer.

New Investment Perspective: Focusing on the Outcome, Not Returns

Using an outcome-oriented investment strategy to develop actionable portfolios focused on financial goals.

The Long Bull Run: Is It Too Late for Investors to Consider Stocks?

Searching for value potential in a world of higher stock prices and strong economic indicators

Navigating the Factor Zoo: An Interview with Frédéric Babu

Exploring misconceptions and recent market trends around factor-based investing.

Natixis Sustainable Future Funds

Explore ESG-driven target date funds allowing plan participants to align their investments with positive environmental, social, and governance practices.

Comparing the Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Passive ETFs and Active ETFs

When considering Passive and Active ETFs, it is important to understand the potential upside and downside of each approach.

5 ETF Trends for 2017

A look at some potential developments to watch for in exchange-traded funds in the coming year.

Implementing a Systematic Rebalancing Program Can Pay Dividends

Asset allocation possesses the potential to help investors manage risk adjusted return. However, portfolio adjustments should not be considered...

Actively Managed ETFs: The Evolution of Exchange-Traded Funds

The landscape of ETFs has changed dramatically. Explore the innovative role actively managed ETFs now play.

Don't Get Tripped Up: Understanding Wash Sale Rules

Four scenarios to be mindful of when changing portfolio positions

Portfolio Modeling and Construction

Build, analyze, and monitor portfolios using sophisticated risk analysis and dashboards within our proprietary web portal.

  • August 18, 2016
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Portfolio Consulting and Analysis

Review our comprehensive portfolio consulting and risk analysis capabilities.

  • August 18, 2016
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Objective-Focused Alternative Solutions

Gain insights on new ways to use alternatives in portfolio construction.

The Advisor Experience

Hear our clients share details about their Natixis Portfolio Clarity® experience and learn about our Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation.

  • August 16, 2016
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How Can Financial Professionals Help Clients Manage Their Emotions?

SVP Al Barabro discusses what makes clients feel unprepared and what financial professionals can do to help them.

Portfolio Research

Build more durable portfolios leveraging our institutional caliber research, analysis, and insight.

  • May 10, 2016
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How to Talk to Clients About Alternatives

Talking with clients about alternatives can be challenging, but low yields in the fixed income space and upticks in volatility have increased the...