Trading Time for Value Across Equity Markets

Vaughan Nelson portfolio managers explain how and why they look for stocks with 50% return potential over a three-year period.

Taking a longer view on equity investing has helped Vaughan Nelson take advantage of temporary information and marketplace inefficiencies across equity markets – and pursue attractively priced companies for their portfolios. Members of its investment team, including CEO/CIO Chris Wallis, Senior Portfolio Manager Scott Weber, and Jim Eisenman, Portfolio Manager, highlight their value-oriented investment approach.
  • Look for investment ideas with a 50% return potential over three years.
  • Pursue those ideas across three categories: undervalued earnings growth, undervalued assets, and undervalued dividend yield.
  • Utilize factor analysis at the portfolio level to complement fundamental research views.
  • Analyze risk of each portfolio from multiple angles – including looking at a range of factor exposures, such as currencies, commodities, and the shape of the yield curve.
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