Natixis Investment Managers partners with retirement plan sponsors and advisors to help them achieve greater retirement security for their clients. Our offering includes:
  • A full range of retirement products representing every asset class, from equities and fixed income to alternatives and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).
  • Asset allocation and risk modeling, to evaluate and improve upon the durability of retirement portfolios to help them withstand market, inflationary, longevity, and sequence of return risks.
  • Guidance for plan sponsors and retirement advisors to help them support their clients’ needs during the critical phases of accumulation and post-retirement distribution.
  • Global plan survey research and plan sponsor education, which can help identify gaps and opportunities, improve participant understanding and allow for better engagement with plan sponsors.

Portfolio Construction

Consulting, Analytics, and Research
As the responsibility for funding retirement continues to shift to individuals, plan sponsors and financial professionals are increasingly challenged to help investors understand and measure the impacts of their allocation decisions on their portfolios.
Our Portfolio Analysis & Consulting team of independent and highly qualified portfolio analysts can provide you with a comprehensive risk audit of your client’s portfolio to identify gaps, deficiencies, redundancies, and hidden risks. 

Our comprehensive portfolio solutions can be used to evaluate risk and plan menu design with services including:
  • Interest rate stress tests
  • Active share metrics
  • Analytics to help prepare for retirement distributions
  • Custom research, modeling, and glidepath analysis
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Graphic showing various impacts of allocation decisions within return, risk, and diversification benchmarks

Natixis Center for Investor Insight

A Research Program with Global Reach
The Natixis Center for Investor Insight is a global research initiative focused on the critical issues shaping today’s investment landscape. The Center examines sentiment and behavior, market outlooks and trends, and risk perceptions of institutional investors, financial professionals and individuals around the world. Our goal is to fuel a more substantive discussion of issues with a 360° view of markets and insightful analysis of investment trends.

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