Natixis Investment Managers Solutions Direct Indexing provides fully customizable SMAs that seek to track an index before taxes and outperform it after taxes. These separately managed account portfolios can be customized for specific tax or other investment strategies.

To learn more and see case studies, download Direct Indexing: A Smarter Way to Index.

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Why Direct Indexing – 5 Investor Applications

  • Maximize Tax Efficient Investing
    Accounts use active tax loss harvesting, selling securities that have lost value to offset taxes on capital gains.

  • Transition Investment Accounts
    Accounts can accept securities in-kind to minimize the tax consequences of moving assets to a new broker or firm.

  • Unwind Concentrated Positions
    Accounts can accommodate existing equity positions, utilizing investment strategies that involve selling shares gradually to minimize capital gain taxes.

  • Customize A Portfolio
    Portfolios, guided by active investment management, can prioritize or exclude specific sectors or securities to align with investor values or diversification goals.

  • Offset Future
    Capital Gains

    Investment losses accrued can be carried forward to offset capital gains in future years.

Download Direct Indexing: 5 Applications

Direct Indexing SMAs Are the Most Tax-Efficient Way to Index

  Index Mutual Fund Index ETF Direct Indexing SMA
Track Index Pre-Tax
Dividend Tax
Capital Losses to Offset Gains
Actively Tax Managed
High-Net-Worth Focused
Fully Customizable

Specialized Investment Portfolios

Tax-managed Equity Indexing
Equity IndexingClick to flip card

In many cases, taxes have a greater impact on bottom line investment return than fees. Our portfolios are actively managed for tax efficient investing using a proprietary stratified sampling process that prioritizes tax loss harvesting over tracking error. This approach aims to minimize taxable capital gains, all to enhance overall after-tax returns for investors.

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Sustainable ESG Indexing
ESG Indexing Click to flip card

Our proprietary methodology can apply environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to create personalized indexes. Positive screening favors stocks with positive ESG ratings or best-in-class within sector. Negative screening excludes specific securities or sectors based on an investor's preferences.

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Racial Equity Indexing
Racial Equity
Indexing Click to flip card

Designed to track the S&P 500® index reasonably closely pre-tax, but with a deliberate focus on racial equity and justice. Invests in companies that are leaders in diversity, equity and inclusion and avoids companies that cause, contribute to, exploit or profit from racial injustice.

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Managed ETF Portfolios
Managed ETF
Portfolios Click to flip card

Broad, strategically allocated ETF portfolios offer proactive equity tax loss harvesting and rebalancing. Comprehensive services focus on duration management in the fixed income allocation. Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive and Global Equity portfolios. Conservative and Aggressive income portfolios.

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