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Portfolio consultants Mark Cintolo and Kevin McCullough discuss the recent surge in bond yields and the factors likely to influence the future trajectory of fixed income rates.
  • Reviewing the fundamentals, the main drivers of Treasury yields are expected inflation, inflation uncertainty, Federal Reserve policy and the long-term growth outlook.
  • Remaining inflation uncertainty is keeping interest rates elevated, but also acts as a potential catalyst for a future decline in rates.
  • Regarding technical factors, the increasing supply of Treasury securities is a factor in some of the recent yield increases, as well as a source of uncertainty for yield changes in the future.
  • Apart from Treasuries, favorable supply and demand dynamics are making corporate bonds an attractive asset class.
  • Looking out over the next year, if we get a continuation of higher rates for longer, companies might still hesitate to issue debt at those higher yields.
  • Meanwhile a higher rate environment would probably mean the economy is still holding up, and investors might be more open to risk taking in general.
  • Conversely, if inflation cools and we have slower growth or even a mild recession, we should see a larger decline in yields – and that becomes a great environment for bonds in general. 
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