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  • Founded:  2003
  • Headquartered:  Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA
  • Expertise:  Capabilities include Direct Indexing, Multi-Asset Portfolios (model portfolios, discretionary mandate capabilities and target date funds), Integrated Portfolio Implementation®, Institutional Overlay, and Portfolio Analysis & Consulting.
  • AUA: USD 50B as of March 31, 2022

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions provides design, development and execution of portfolio strategies tailored to clients’ specific investment objectives and unique portfolio constraints. Fully-integrated services combine a diverse range of investment expertise with extensive investment analysis and portfolio construction capabilities to deliver a wide range of customized solutions.

Assets under Administration may include assets for which non-Regulatory AUM services are provided. Non-Regulatory AUM includes assets which do not fall within the SEC’s definition of Regulatory AUM in Form ADV, Part 1.