Interest Rate Anxiety and the Bond Bear Market Effect

Identifying what a bear market in bonds looks like and how it might effect fixed income investors.

Flexibility Is Key When Rates Are on the Rise

Interest rate outlook and the freedom to roam across global fixed income markets are discussed by a multisector manager from Loomis, Sayles & Co.

2018 Mid-Term Elections Outlook: Insight Into Issues and Outcomes

How Republicans, Democrats, and the Trump administration are preparing for the 2018 mid-term elections.

Trump's Business Approach to the Presidency and Politics

Trump's business-like approach to the presidency has changed the face of politics and how the White House operates.

Examining Six Equity Market Narratives that Aren't Quite Right

Chief Market Strategist David Lafferty examines six prevailing equity marketing narratives - three bullish and three bearish.

4 Trends Shaping Sustainable Investing and the World

How demographics, environment, technology, and governance trends are creating opportunities for sustainable investing.

How Sustainable Investing Helps Address Demographic Challenges and Trends

A growing middle class presents sustainable opportunities for investors to help meet demand for consumer goods and health care.

Advantages of High Active Share Strategies

Three veteran portfolio managers explore the advantages of high active share and putting distance between the benchmark and portfolios.

Does Corporate Tax Cut Give US Stocks An Edge?

US corporate tax cut implications and actively allocating to where value is in global markets are explored with Loomis Sayles Global Allocation Manager.

Reflections on the Stock Market Correction

Chief Investment Strategist Dave Lafferty shares his views on recent market volatility and what investors might be able to expect moving forward.

Market Outlook Panel 2018: Status Quo?

Panel experts discuss rate hikes, global growth, monetary policy, the aging bull market, US tax reform and their outlook for 2018.

Outlook 2018: Equity Market Volatility

What equity investors might expect in 2018 after a year characterized by rising stock prices and low market volatility.

Where's the Value in Fixed Income?

Interest rates, inflation, tax cuts and yield opportunities across fixed income markets are discussed by three portfolio managers.

Potential Advantage of Dividend Paying Equities in 2018

Managing volatility with above-average yielders is discussed with Loomis, Sayles & Company Portfolio Manager Maura Murphy

2018 Outlook: The Active Manager’s Perspective

A panel of Natixis investment managers discuss their market outlooks for 2018

2018 ETF Outlook: 4 Trends to Watch

4 ETF trends to watch around active management, volatility, interest rates and political instability in 2018.

Institutional Investor Return Expectations Could Be Overinflated

​A Loomis Sayles fixed income specialist shares his views on the return expectations of institutional investors.

Risk on the Horizon: Institutional Investor Outlook for 2018

After a decade of low interest rates, low volatility, and high investment returns, are professional investors prepared for what’s ahead in 2018?

The State of High Yield

Assessing the high yield market from a variety of perspectives, including yield advantage, technicals and fundamentals.

4 Reasons Why the VIX May Double in the Next Year

Identifying key factors and risks that could cause stock market volatility to increase in the coming months.

Trump Takes on US Tax System. What Does it Mean for Investors?

Perspectives on Trump tax reform proposal and the potential impact on US economy, markets, and investor portfolios.

Macro & Market Commentary

Macro Strategies Research Analyst Craig Burelle presents his macro views, including changing monetary policy, risk factors, and market outlook.

Exercise Caution: Gauging the Way Forward in Current Markets

Despite positive signs from current markets, investors may want to continue to exercise caution in today’s environment.

After the Eurozone Crisis: Europe’s Economic Renaissance

Three market specialists reflect on Europe’s improving economic conditions five years after the Eurozone Crisis.

Advisor Atlas: Is ESG Investing Sustainable in the Trump Era?

Discussing the state of ESG investing following Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Brexit Update: One Year After the UK Voted to Leave the EU

Checking in on negotiations, Trump trade deals, and London’s future as a global financial hub one year after Brexit.

Advisor Atlas: Understanding the Trump Tax Proposal

Discussing the Trump tax plan proposal and what tax cuts might mean for individuals and businesses.

The Long Bull Run: Is It Too Late for Investors to Consider Stocks?

Searching for value potential in a world of higher stock prices and strong economic indicators

Understanding the UK Snap Election Results

An investor’s guide to parliament, coalition government, Brexit and its potential portfolio implications.

5 ETF Trends for 2017

A look at some potential developments to watch for in exchange-traded funds in the coming year.