Natixis Investment Managers was one of the 76 exhibitors at the annual French Association for Corporate Treasurers (AFTE) trade show on 13 and 14 November. This year, the event attracted over 1,400 participants.

"This is an important event for our team. It allows us to meet many of our clients and discuss their investment requirements: cash management, industrial liabilities, retirement, holding companies, etc. By bringing together representatives from different Natixis business lines (BGC Equity Derivatives and Trade & Treasury solutions), the event enables us to promote our cash management solutions and services on a broader scale." says Thomas Benoist, Head of Corporate Sales at Natixis Investment Managers International.

Thomas Benoist
Thomas Benoist

This year, the global theme of this event was: "Europe is back."

In addition to the exhibitor area, clients had the opportunity during the two-day event to attend the following plenary sessions and workshops:

Plenary sessions: What is Europe's place in today's economic and geopolitical agenda? ; Financing innovation: is France champion of Europe? ; What are the challenges faced by European treasurers today? ; What are the issues for banks and corporates in the current European environment?

Agora: Blockchain for syndicated loans; Developing the client experience through currency payments; Does your data need to breathe? We are oxygen; IA applied to combating fraud and payment errors; Next-generation cash flow forecasting; Artificial intelligence for our cash flow forecasts; Yseulis, the universal platform to control your foreign exchange risks; Simplifying complex and regulated payments; 3 reasons why dynamic discounting is (already) unavoidable; How to improve your cash flow yield ; Management of collateral and banking connectivity, where are we now? ; Europe at the heart of payment innovation – DSP2 & Instant Payment; How to improve the real-time management of your operating expenses ; KYC 2.0; Payment securitisation.

Workshops: Artificial intelligence: treasury's future is today; M&As and carve-outs: managing the transformation of the treasury function; Responsible financing: communication gimmick or fundamental trend? ; Dealing with a cyberattack: feedback and points to be watched; Blockchain: a revolution in cash management, financing and KYC? ; What is happening in means of payment. ; EONIA, EURIBOR, LIBOR... endangered species, and after? ; Are companies paying out too much in dividends? ; Finance and ensure international growth: what really works! ; BAM to eBAM: the challenges ; IFRS 9 & 16: where are we now? ; Growing in Africa and the Middle/Far East: understanding the risks, the keys to succeed; The future of cash management, tomorrow’s treasurers.

Sylvie Barbier de Chalais, Thomas Benoist et Philippe Gueret
Sylvie Barbier de Chalais, Thomas Benoist et Philippe Gueret

Natixis Investment Managers at the AFTE trade show

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