Our sole objective is to help every institutional client achieve their long-term investment goals, no matter what challenges they face along the way.

With two-thirds of our business focused exclusively on managing institutional assets – and more than 40 years of serving institutions – we have developed the resources and expertise to continuously address all of our institutional clients’ evolving needs. Overall, it is our deep belief that investments are solutions only if they are targeted to specific outcomes.

With more than 20 specialized investment managers, our clients have access to active investment solutions that address varying risk profiles, strategies and asset classes. Altogether, this can help build more resilient portfolios focused on performing across cycles.

To achieve this, risk is put first in everything we do, from the evaluation of assets and liabilities right through to the actual management of assets. Our approach ensures our investment professionals never deviate from the aim of measuring, mitigating and exploiting risk. Our clients have said this risk-first approach reassures them: They know the focus of our process is on outcomes, not products.

Every year, through our Global Survey of Institutional Investors, clients tell us about their main concerns and challenges. Recent results reveal that institutions look to embrace risk in pursuit of returns and yield by investing in active strategies such as private equity, infrastructure, real estate, private debt and liquid alternatives. Our multi-affiliate model is designed to help you access such strategies, offering a wide range of high-conviction, active asset managers.

With our long history of supporting institutional investors worldwide and the invaluable data and information gained from our resources and insights, as well as from our clients, conversations between you and us become more targeted. This leads to solutions that are closely aligned to your investment goals.

In rejecting all transaction-oriented, short-term thinking, we have built our organization to help you build long-term sustainable value. We are unequivocally on your side, always willing to discuss and help you solve your challenges.

Our ambition is to be your trusted partner for every step of your investment journey.