The Natixis Center for Investor Insight is a global initiative monitoring the sentiment and attitudes of individual investors, financial professionals, money managers, employers, governments and policymakers through its robust research agenda comprised of survey findings as well as the acclaimed Natixis Global Retirement Index, an examination of top performing countries for retirement security.

Since the program’s 2010 inception, the Center has conducted more than 25 in-depth studies encompassing 71,000+ respondents in 30+ countries. This body of research reveals insight into the attitudes and perceptions of a variety of investors around the world, and the many challenges they face in the pursuit of long-term investment goals.

Research Agenda – Our annual research program offers insights into the perceptions and motivations of individuals, institutions and financial professionals around the globe and it examines financial, economic and public policy factors that shape retirement globally with:

  • Global Survey of Individual Investors – Findings from 9,100 investors in 25 countries.
  • Global Survey of Financial Professionals – Findings from 2,775 professionals in 16 countries.
  • Global Survey of Institutional Investors – Findings from 500 investors in 28 countries.
  • Natixis Global Retirement Index – Provides insight into the environment for retirees globally based on 18 economic, regulatory and health factors.