MV Credit, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers has appointed Emilie Huyghues Despointes as its inaugural ESG Officer.

Huyghues Despointes joins from AXA Investment Managers where she was a private debt analyst and ESG Integration project manager.

Her role at MV Credit will be to drive broad ESG projects, produce disclosures for new and existing regulation, help develop new products, and communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

“Our aim is to make sure every new fund is Article 8 compliant1,” said Huyghues Despointes. “It is also important that the market knows what MV Credit is doing in order to avoid risk of greenwashing. Also, whilst MV Credit has a robust ESG policy in place, I have a remit to ensure our business continues to adhere to the policy, to find solutions and assist colleagues as well as working with other Natixis IM affiliates on ESG related matters.”

Frederic Nadal, CEO at MV Credit said Huyghues Despointes brings a wealth of experience relating to ESG management and has joined just as MV Credit seeks to build on its portfolio of ESG-related investments.

“This is our first dedicated ESG hire,” said Nadal. “Although we have long had an ESG committee, we felt we needed a full-time ESG officer because ESG is so central to our business. Emilie’s expertise on the deal side allied to her ESG experience is ideal for the role.”

With the appointment of Huyghues Despointes, MV Credit has made ESG an independent function, reporting to Frederic Nadal, Chief Executive Officer, so investment and other decisions can be objectively analysed and challenged where necessary.

Huyghues Despointes said: “I want to help MV Credit progress, and the independence of my role will support this. My aim is to give confidence to clients that we deliver what we committed to and that our products are compliant with our policy. I will help ensure that we are clear about what we are promoting and how we promote it.”

The appointment is an important governance component at MV Credit, says Nadal. “The industry is seeing a surge in demand for ESG disclosure. Emilie adds value to our Limited Partnerships in terms of transparency from both written reporting and verbal communication.”

Huyghues Despointes, who achieved the CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing in 2021, will assume responsibility for MV Credit’s ESG reporting. She will also work with peers in the industry, raising the profile of MV Credit and participating in more forums and conferences.

For Further Reading:
1 Article 8 is a fund/product classification as part of SFDR regulation. Article 8 products promote environment or social characteristics or a combination of both, provided the investee company follows good governance practices

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