Mirova has joined the PRI Leaders group, a group of 36 companies considered by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)1 organisation to be at the forefront of this year's theme: climate reporting.

The PRI, the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment, brings together 2,400 signatories, institutional investors and asset managers. In order to highlight the most advanced players of sustainable finance, this year the PRI have identified a group of 36 leaders. The group is composed of 16 institutional investors (4% of total PRI signatories) and 20 asset management companies (1% of total signatories), considered to be among the most advanced signatories on climate reporting issues. Mirova is proud to be one of the two French management companies in the PRI Leaders group, confirming its status as a management company at the forefront of responsible investment. A distinction that concerns the whole Natixis group, since Natixis Assurances is also part of this group in the institutional investor category.

This announcement is a particular reward for Mirova work on the calculation of carbon footprint. This work consisted in developing a methodology to measure the climate footprint of its investments, as well as the main market indexes. This methodology, unlike most existing approaches, adopts a "life cycle" view of the carbon footprint, taking into account the emissions linked to companies' products and services. Deployed from 2016 onwards, this tool enabled Mirova to assess the climate trajectory of its portfolios and to monitor the climate impact of investment decisions as closely as possible. Thanks to this methodology, Mirova was able to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its portfolios and to announce in May 2018 that all of its portfolios were now aligned with a 2°C warming scenario, in line with the Paris Agreements.

As a signatory of the PRI since 2013, Mirova also received the highest rating, A+, for all of its equity expertise for the 5th consecutive year. The management company was singled out in particular for the robustness of its responsible investment processes (tailored to the specific characteristics of each asset class), the transparency of its approach, its proactivity in terms of measuring impact and the quality of its extra-financial research, and its concrete contribution to promoting and professionalising responsible investment. PRI reporting integrates different components combining transparency, commitment and performance. Mirova is looking forward to its future development and hopes that it will enable to enhance the value of the most committed players.

To find the complete PRI Leaders methodology, click here.
1 Principles for Responsible Investment

Any reference to a ranking and/or an award does not give any indication on future performance. More information regarding the PRI Rating methodology can be found on www.unpri.org/


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