AEW and Ostrum AM, affiliates of Natixis Investment Managers, have provided €64m in debt to finance the purchase of 4,751 residential property units in Germany.

The debt platform operated by AEW and Ostrum AM provided the funds as part of a €166.5m senior mortgage facility to back the purchase of the property portfolio in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia. The first ranking mortgage facility, accompanied by a robust security package, has a five-year maturity.

The residential units, located primarily in Duisburg, Essen, Marl and Werdohl, are 89% occupied and provide diversified cashflows. The capital expenditure plans of the sponsor ensure that the properties also have upside valuation potential. The sponsor is a long-term investor in the German residential market, with more than 13,500 residential units already under management, worth a total of around €5bn. It intends to improve the new portfolio with €7Mn in capital expenditure over the next five years to increase the occupancy rate to 97%.

Cyril Hoyaux, co-head of the AEW/Ostrum real estate debt platform, says: “We liked the deal because we could see the track record of the sponsor in managing similar assets.”

Arnaud Heck, co-head of the AEW/Ostrum real estate debt platform, says AEW/Ostrum was part of the deal from its conception and agreed to share the debt facility with the arranging bank. “This deal took time to execute, but it has gone to plan and we are happy with the sponsor’s plans for capex and return on investment,” says Heck. “This is our third recent transaction in residential property - we think this property segment is particularly robust in difficult times and also has upside potential.”

Sources: AEW/Ostrum AM as of August 2020

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