As a nascent but promising market, conservation finance could offer diversified opportunities for institutional investors while fighting global land degradation and deforestation.

Mirova – Interview Gautier Quéru

What is Natural Capital?

Gautier Quéru - Director of the Land Degradation Neutrality Fund Project1, Mirova
1 The LDN (Land Degradation Neutrality) Fund is a project, has no legal existence and has not been authorised by any supervisory authority yet. The investment strategy of the ‘Land Degradation Neutrality’ initiative is reserved for professional investors and is mainly subject to risk of capital loss.

About Mirova
Mirova is an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to responsible investment. Through a conviction-driven investment approach, Mirova’s goal is to combine value creation over the long term with sustainable development. Mirova’s talents have been pioneers in many areas of sustainable finance. Their ambition is to keep innovating to propose the best tailored and most impactful solutions to their clients.

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