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“We use data, analytics, and research to help advisors build more durable portfolios for their clients.”-Marina Gross, Executive Vice President, Portfolio Research & Consulting Group

Natixis Portfolio Clarity® is the portfolio consulting service of Natixis Investment Managers. The Portfolio Research and Consulting Group (PRCG) works with investors all over the world to help them better analyze and enhance their model portfolios. Now in its sixth year, PRCG has completed more than 6,000 model portfolio evaluations for financial professionals. Our robust team of 25 consultants, analysts, and specialists includes experts in portfolio construction with backgrounds in asset allocation, due diligence, quantitative research, and wealth management. Many are CFA® and CAIA charter holders, and others hold CFP®, CIMA, and Financial Risk Manager designations.

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In today’s complex capital markets, achieving effective portfolio diversification has become increasingly challenging. Natixis Portfolio Clarity® consultants provide objective portfolio analysis to financial professionals who seek a deeper level of insight, using sophisticated analytic tools to identify and quantify sources of risk and return.

Portfolio Advisory
Our expert consultants will collaborate with you to review the components of your model, and develop strategies that are consistent with your portfolio guidelines. In some cases, we may help modify your framework to correspond with specific investment beliefs, objectives and expectations. The goal is to help you develop a consistent process that can guide evidence-based portfolio construction decisions.

Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation
Our experienced consultants can also run a more extensive set of analytics on your portfolio called a Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation, which identifies sources of risk, return, and diversification at three levels: model, asset class/risk factors, and holdings. This service provides an independent perspective to help you improve the way you create and manage your portfolios. Comprehensive portfolio evaluations create a detailed analysis of model portfolios to identify gaps, deficiencies, redundancies, concentrations, and other risk factors.

Preferred Natixis partners may also qualify for our full service consulting program. This customized service provides insights into the drivers of investment results to help guide better decision making and optimize investment outcomes for your clients. More on Full Service Consulting.

Asset Allocation Programs
For advisors who prefer to outsource asset allocation and analysis functions, the Portfolio Model Program provides a series of asset allocation portfolios to address specific objectives. Models range from conservative to aggressive, based on our multi-level risk management methodology. More about the model program.

The Natixis Portfolio Research & Consulting Group Investment Committee meets weekly to discuss trends in advisor portfolios and establish recommended allocations based on the current economic, market, and corporate environment. The Committee’s objective is to produce superior risk-adjusted returns compared to the PRCG Moderate Peer Group average using a three- to six-month outlook.

Natixis Portfolio Clarity® Portal
This technology offers direct access to advanced analytical capabilities to enhance portfolio construction. It allows financial professionals to create, analyze, modify, compare, and run reports on their models. Users can create customized models from a broad investable universe, specifying rebalancing constraints, risk metrics and time periods.

The Portfolio Research and Consulting Group helps clients identify new investment opportunities gathered through our extensive quantitative and qualitative research practice. PRCG works with investors all over the world to help them better analyze and enhance their model portfolios. The team then amalgamates that data and shares these top level findings with investors in the form of Asset Allocation Trends Reports which identify investment trends across risk rated model portfolios.

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The Natixis Portfolio Clarity team brings a combination of academic and real world experience to the challenges of portfolio construction. Learn more about our management team.

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