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Natixis IM Solutions – Market Review August 2021

Discover the monthly macro and market analysis of Natixis IM Solutions.

  • 8 septembre 2021
Asia High Yield Outlook

Asia’s Road to Recovery – Uneven but in the Right Direction.

  • 13 juillet 2021
Long-duration Fixed Income: Market Conditions and Implications for Pension Plans and Insurers

Long-duration fixed income can play an important role in portfolios attempting to hedge against pension or long insurance liabilities, deflation, equity risk or simply taking a view that long-duration yields will decrease.

  • 1 juin 2021
Loomis Sayles: Three Questions on Liability Hedging

A Loomis Sayles expert looks into duration risk, credit fixed-income and intermediate fixed-income.

  • 25 juin 2021