Over the past four years, Vauban Infrastructure Partners has been a ‘thought leader’ within the infrastructure ecosystem, working with the consulting firm Altermind alongside academic experts, asset managers, LPs, industrials and NGOs on refining a transformative vision of infrastructure. In 2020, Vauban Infrastructure Partners thoroughly examined how digitalization was changing infrastructure, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. In the years that followed, Vauban Infrastructure Partners looked closely at how climate change was shaking up the industry, stressed the importance of involving stakeholders in infrastructure projects, and outlined paths to make infrastructure development more sustainable through circular economy principles.

Building upon this foundation, Vauban Infrastructure Partners is launching InfraVision, a pioneering entity based in Paris and operating internationally, that will serve as a dynamic platform for research, dialogue and innovation. InfraVision will be open to all infrastructure stakeholders, aiming to position the asset class as a building block of the society of tomorrow. At its core, InfraVision stands on two pillars: thought leadership and knowledge sharing. It will focus on anticipating future infrastructure needs by analyzing the impact of the biggest changes in the world economy, such as demographic shifts, technological advancements, and environmental and social challenges, with the support of the whole infrastructure ecosystem.

InfraVision will be steered by a Strategic Committee, composed of eminent public figures and experts. They will chart the course for InfraVision’s sight and roadmap over the next three years. In 2024, the works of InfraVision will revolve around the multifaceted relationship between infrastructure and inequalities, highlighting the most efficient levers to evolve towards a world of more ‘inclusive infrastructure’.

Gwenola Chambon, CEO and founding partners of Vauban Infrastructure Partners: “I am thrilled to launch InfraVision, a true symbol of innovation and collaboration in the realm of sustainable infrastructure. Our journey with Vauban Infrastructure Partners has been dedicated to pioneering transformative visions, and InfraVision is the result of these ambition. It stands as a proof of our commitment to shaping a more sustainable future through thoughtful dialogue and forward-thinking solutions. InfraVision will serve as a laboratory of ideas, driving us towards a world where infrastructures not only support but improve the lives of all, fostering inclusivity, resilience, and prosperity for generations to come.”

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