Ostrum Asset Management has once again carried off excellent scores in the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI)1 2017-2018 assessment, in a fitting tribute to the tenth anniversary of the company’s decision to become a signatory. As they did last year, Ostrum Asset Management’s scores outstrip the median for all similar organisations as published by the UN PRI, with an A+ for strategy and governance, as well as for most of its investment management range.

The PRI initiative was set up by investors in partnership with the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) financial initiative and the UN Global Compact, and cooperates with an international network of signatories with the aim of applying the Principles for Responsible Investment. It endeavours to assess the relationship between investment and environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), and help signatories include these aspects in their investment and shareholding decisions.

Ostrum Asset Management’s responsible investment approach is a vital component of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy and involves both an in-depth analysis of ESG, as well as an inclusion of these aspects in its range of investment expertise. This policy also defines its role as a shareholder and its involvement in market-wide initiatives to make an active contribution to efforts to shape the CSR landscape. Ostrum Asset Management’s results testify to the relevance of its approach and its commitment to taking practical action to promote a more sustainable economic and financial model.

Ostrum Asset Management pledged in July 2018 to halt support for the tobacco sector, which is one of the worst offender sectors and runs contrary to the United Nations Development Program’s Sustainable Development Goals due to its particularly negative social, societal and environmental effects.

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1 Ostrum Asset Management has been a signatory to the UN PRI since 2008.

Reference to a ranking or rating does not indicate the future performance of the fund or the fund manager.

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