Mirova, a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to sustainable finance, announces plans for the launch of a strategy to support the growth of unlisted French and European companies that contribute to the societal transition. The objective? Raise 200 million euros from institutional and individual investors in France and Europe.

Climate change, the ageing of the population, technological changes, the rise of inequalities: society faces many interconnected challenges. With its new project, Mirova wishes to support the development of companies based on innovative and virtuous models that address these issues and thus contribute to a holistic and equitable transition.

The objective is to support the growth of French and European companies that rely on a proven business model while seeking a positive societal impact around four investment themes:
  • Knowledge: inclusive education, lifelong vocational training, future work, etc.
  • Well-being & health: accessibility of care, prevention and well-aging, well-being at work, etc.
  • Responsible consumption: responsible and sustainable consumption, circular economy and zero waste, transparency, etc.
  • Diversity & inclusion: empowerment, engagement and citizenship, environmental and social awareness, etc.
The investment team will follow an opportunistic approach with minority or majority stakes throughout the capital deployment period. The Mirova team is already actively working on the construction of the project pipeline to enable a rapid deployment with investments in the coming months.

Mirova wishes to enable institutional and private investors to benefit from an attractive long-term return potential and risk diversification based on multi-sectoral participations, while contributing to the ecological and social transition of society.

Mirova will draw on the expertise of Judith-Laure Mamou-Mani, who joined the private equity team at the end of 2023 as senior investment director to drive this new strategy. With more than 15 years of experience dedicated to the promotion of sustainable finance with a strong interest in social impact, she will rely on an experienced team combining complementary profiles in investment, research in sustainable development, and specialized financial and non-financial analysis on unlisted assets. This new development is in line with the impact private equity offer developed by Mirova and relies fully on the Mirova investment team and processes.

Marc Romano, Head of Impact Private Equity at Mirova, says: “We are proud to announce plans to launch this new strategy that will enable institutional and retail investors to have a tangible social and societal impact by contributing to the growth of companies committed to basic needs. Convinced that companies developing innovative technological solutions are those that have the greatest margin for growth, we offer our customers to combine positive societal impact and attractive potential returns. »

Judith-Laure Mamou-Mani, Senior Investment Director at Mirova, adds: “At a time when profound paradigm shifts are taking place, Mirova’s project will position itself as a companion to this inevitable societal transition, which will require an evolution of our lifestyles. It will give investors access to an unparalleled ecosystem dedicated to impact and real assets.”
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