The Investor Leadership Network (ILN) is to launch two white papers presenting climate change mitigation best practice for institutional investors.

Members of the ILN Climate Change Advisory Committee met in person at Natixis Investment Managers’ offices in Boston and Paris in June for a full-day workshop on transition investing. At the workshop, it was announced that the committee will launch two white papers on best practice in transition investing, and on climate change regulations and taxonomies on July 31 and September 14 this year. The committee also reviewed progress made across the ILN’s three initiatives, reviewed the work of members who are part of the organization, and set ambitions for the future.

The ILN was launched at the 2018 G7 to accelerate collaboration by leading institutional investors to drive the transition to a sustainable and inclusive global economy. The CEO-led group is composed of 12 global institutional investors across six countries, with over US$10 trillion in assets under management.

Members pool resources, expertise, and networks to develop scalable initiatives on major global issues such as climate change, and diversity and inclusion. Every initiative is evidence-based, measurable, and drives macro change. ILN members presented their respective organizations’ current practices in setting and delivering interim targets, assessing the credibility of transition plans, and identifying positive transition investment opportunities.

Natixis IM is a founding member of the ILN. Charlene Sagoe, International Head of DEI at Natixis IM, co-leads the ILN DEI Committee. Ted Meyer, senior VP of Global Public Relations at Natixis IM, co-leads the ILN Communications Committee. Laura Kalizewski, Sustainable Investment Director at Natixis IM, co-leads the ILN Private Capital Mobilization Committee. Tracey Flaherty, Global Head of CSR at Natixis IM, chairs the ILN board.

The committee was addressed by an academic keynote speaker on a methodology to measure, manage and benchmark portfolio companies’ transition plans.

ILN’s has previously made available climate change resources on TCFD integration, climate change mitigation, physical risk assessment, and net zero transition frameworks and tools.

Published in September 2022, the ILN Net Zero Investor Playbook, for instance, helps investors navigate the challenge of transition financing to both meet their decarbonisation goals, and seize the opportunities presented by the transition to net zero.

The next ILN board meeting takes place in September and the next Climate Change Committee meeting will take place in July. Both are virtual events.

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