Natixis Investment Managers will provide estimates of capital gain and ordinary income distributions to be paid in December for the convenience of shareholders and their financial advisors to assist with year-end tax and investment planning; however, such estimates are not intended to be a precise indicator of year-end distribution amounts.

The calculations required to arrive at a fund’s required distribution amount are comprehensive, and involve application of complex sections of the Internal Revenue Code; additionally, certain tax adjustments are based on market value at a point in time and, therefore, cannot be estimated. As a result, estimates do not include all tax adjustments. Actual distributions, including the funds paying/not paying, will differ from those presented.

Final distribution rates will be made available after distributions have been paid in December. Remember to work with a qualified tax advisor.

Actual dividend distributions paid in December will include final year-end tax adjustments and therefore should not be used as an indicator of the distribution amounts for monthly and quarterly distributing funds throughout 2022.

Fund Distribution FAQ

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Natixis Investment Managers does not provide tax or legal advice. Shareholders should consult with a qualified tax advisor regarding their personal tax situation.