Vaughan Nelson’s CEO/CIO Chris Wallis explores macroeconomic trends and the impact on equities markets in his podcast series. 

17.05.2023 Weekly: Debt Ceiling, Rate Pivot, Market Ranges

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis covers the latest on the debt ceiling, Fed rate action, and potential market outcomes from here.


May 17, 2023

04.05.2023 Weekly: Fed Tools, Bank Troubles, Regionals, USD, and Debt Ceiling

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis joins to review a busy week full of a Fed rate raise, further banking troubles, USD status questioned, a rapidly approaching debt ceiling, and pushing out a recovery.


May 04, 2023

26.04.2023 Weekly: Pending 1Q23 GDP, Tech Earnings, Revisiting Regional Banks

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis looks ahead to 1Q23 GDP expectations, covers recent earnings, and an update on regional banks.


April 26, 2023

18.04.2023 Weekly: Base Case, Data Points, and Saudi – Iran Relations

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis reiterates his base case, data points worth watching, and energy market implications resulting from Saudi Arabia and Iran restoring relations.


April 18, 2023

23.03.2023 Weekly: Fed Communication, Rate Direction, Insuring Deposits

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis breaks down the latest from yesterday's Fed meeting, rate hike, and the unlikely scenario of fully insuring bank deposits.


March 23, 2023

20.03.2023 Weekly: Is Monetary Tightening Coming to an End?

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis shares his thoughts on monetary tightening, the fed's upcoming decision, and impact of the past two weeks on decelerating growth and stabilization.


March 20, 2023

10.03.2023 Weekly: Silicon Valley Bank: Is It Unique and What Are The Implications?

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis details the recent developments surrounding Silicon Valley Bank and the broader implications on the financial system.


March 10, 2023

08.03.2023 Weekly: Leading Indicators and Positioning In The Short Term

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis examines disruptions in banks, commercial and residential real estate as leading indicators and thoughts on positioning for the near term.


March 08, 2023

28.02.2023 Weekly: February Melt Up, Path Ahead, Ukraine Anniversary

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis discusses the played out February melt up, reviews his position on current market conditions and second half indicators, and global economic changes resulting from a year of Russia – Ukraine conflict.


February 28, 2023

15.02.2023 Weekly: Sticking to The Script and Working Through Earnings Season

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis walks through the recent market action and expectations.


February 15, 2023

18.01.2023 Weekly: Soft Landing, Series of Resets, and Adapting Asset Allocation

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis runs through the current economic setup, a series of resets looming, and near term positioning.


January 18, 2023

04.01.2023 Weekly: Energy Support, Tech Hit Hard, Fed Options

CEO/CIO Chris Wallis kicks off 2023 reviewing the energy market, rotation away from tech, and what options exist for the Fed.


January 04, 2023
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