Natixis ETFs and NYSE: Partners in ETF Innovation

Natixis and NYSE have filed with the SEC to launch an active non-transparent ETF strategy.

Taking Responsible Investment from Talk to Action

Demographic, technological, environment, and governance transitions can present opportunities for investors focused on risk and sustainability.

  • March 12, 2020
2020 Will Be a Watershed Year for Active ETFs

Recent regulatory approvals promise new evolutions in the ETF space.

WCM Sees Growing Opportunity in Emerging Markets

Portfolio Managers Mike Trigg and Greg Ise of WCM Investment Management on opportunity growth in emerging markets and their unique approach to the space.

  • February 12, 2020
Natixis Future of Work Survey: Managing Talent in an Evolving Workplace

Study examines the challenges of attracting and retaining talent in an era of economic, technological and societal transformation in the workplace.

Data Privacy Regulation in the US

The influence of new data privacy rules across the broader digital economy is likely to leave no business sector unaffected.

From the Summit: Countering Cybercrime – How Companies Must Adapt to Win

Two cybersecurity experts offer safety tips and answer questions about breaches, artificial intelligence, hacking, insider threats and data protection.

From the Summit: Law and Order on the AI Frontier

Two professors examine advances in automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as the related uncharted regulatory and ethical territory.

From the Summit: The Disruptors

Biomedical and thermodynamic innovators give first-hand accounts of how they disrupted and transformed their industries and what the future may hold.

From the Summit: Blockchain: Believe the Hype?

Three leaders who have successfully implemented blockchain technology into their companies discuss its strengths, limitations and growth potential.