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The Natixis Investment Institute is dedicated to powering a more substantive discussion of global issues, examining critical issues shaping the investment landscape.

A global effort, the Institute combines expertise in the areas of investor sentiment, macroeconomics, and portfolio construction within Natixis Investment Managers – along with the diverse perspectives of our affiliated asset managers and third-party experts.

The result: A 360° view of markets, insightful analysis of economic trends, and ideas to help inform your decisions.

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Investor Sentiment
Proprietary research from the Center for Investor Insight yields unique insight into the attitudes, perceptions and actions of individual investors, financial professionals, and institutional decision makers. Our Global Retirement Index is a widely recognized measure of retirement security across the developed world.




Macro Perspectives
Free from the constraints of a single asset class view, our market strategists offer a portfolio-level perspective on the short-term events and long-term trends driving markets across the globe.

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Portfolio Construction
In-depth analysis of advisor and institutional models provides a foundation for tracking asset allocation and portfolio construction trends in key markets across the globe.

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Global Events
The Institute both draws content from, and contributes to, our Natixis Investment Managers global events, where we regularly bring together diverse groups of top minds to debate, discuss, and share their perspectives on the topics shaping the future of society, business, and the world economy.

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