Managing Equity Market Volatility in 2024

Catalysts for higher equity volatility and implications for options strategies are explored by Gateway CEO Mike Buckius.

After several years of market volatility, many investors are wondering what’s next. Will interest rate uncertainty cause volatility spikes again in 2024? What macro risks are on the horizon? Are there ways to help manage elevated volatility in this environment?

For views on volatility and ways to manage it in portfolios, Investment Strategist Luke Palmer asks options investing expert Michael Buckius, CEO, CIO, and Portfolio Manager of Gateway Investment Advisers, to share his insights. Video highlights include:
  • Higher volatility of Covid era: The VIX, a popular measure of the stock market's expectation of volatility based on S&P 500® index options, has been at higher levels since the pandemic.
  • Direction of interest rates and equity volatility: How higher for longer interest rate Fed policy or rate cuts in 2024 may impact equity market volatility and the price of options is explained.
  • Catalysts for volatility in 2024: While there are many positive macroeconomic factors to consider for equity investing in 2024, geopolitical risks, a presidential election year and US deficit issues should keep uncertainty and volatility in stock markets.
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