Natixis Investment Managers offers active investment solutions from over 15 high-conviction investment managers. Providing institutional clients with access to a range of managers, each with its own unique process and culture, helps capitalize on the diverse and unconventional thinking that can lead to return enhancement, risk reduction, and alpha generation. Explore our diverse affiliated investment managers.
Focus on Evolving Needs of Institutional Clients
All types of institutional investors rely on our partnership, resources, wide spectrum of active investment strategies and custom-tailored solutions to help them optimize risk and returns in portfolios, as well as manage current assets and meet future liabilities.

We work side-by-side with the following types of institutional clients to support their ever-changing needs:
Strength in Collaborative Partnerships
Partnership built on an acute understanding of each institutional client’s needs, interests and values is our top priority. Only through deep collaboration are we able to align your goals and definition of success with the solutions right for you. While we are pleased to be able to connect you to best-in-class managers across asset classes, we think about your investment needs holistically, and that often starts with the macro picture. You will find Natixis to be a rich resource for objective data – from diverse economic viewpoints to portfolio-level insights and customized research – all to help you ground investment decisions in market realities.

Deep Collaboration

  • Long-term, client-centric, holistic approach
  • Partners for lifecycle of your investments
  • High-touch service
  • Interaction with investment teams

Macro & Market Insights

  • Capital markets and macroeconomic updates
  • Consults with Chief Market Strategist, Chief Economist
  • Data and analysis from Center for Investor Insight

Active Asset Managers

  • High conviction, active management
  • Differentiated offerings from 15+ managers
  • Alpha generation potential
  • Active risk management

Portfolio Analysis & Research

  • Advanced portfolio analytics
  • Identify/quantify sources of risk and return for optimal efficiency
  • Customized research
  • Specialized consultants