Why Investing in a Multi-Asset Credit Strategy Makes Sense

Kevin Kearns, Portfolio Manager and Senior Derivatives Strategist at Loomis, Sayles & Co, discusses the benefits arising from balancing interest rates and credit risk through a multi-asset credit strategy

Global markets are in constant motion. That’s why following an active research-driven approach to income investing can yield results. This opportunistic multi-asset credit strategy is backed by the renowned global research platform of Loomis, Sayles & Co. and was designed to capture attractive yield across the world and throughout varying credit cycles. This diversified approach may be more helpful as interest rates and volatility rise.

Diversified source of income
The Loomis Sayles (WCAF) strategy looks across sectors of global markets to find what the management team believes to be attractive opportunities based on the current phase of the credit cycle. For investors looking to diversify their income portfolios, this multi-asset credit strategy’s flexibility to invest across global investment grade credit, high yield credit, bank loan, securitized, and emerging markets sectors may be a smart choice.

Strategy highlights

  • A multi-asset credit (MAC) strategy seeking to capture credit risk premiums in markets the management team believes can offer the best risk-adjusted return potential over a full market cycle
  • Asset allocation determined by evaluating current stage of the global credit cycle and attractiveness of the various sectors
  • Top-down analysis driven by real-time market data, economic releases, market technicals, coupled with proprietary quantitative models
  • Bottom-up analysis driven by management team’s insight and daily interaction with research and sector teams

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Loomis, Sayles & Company's performance-driven approach has been helping investors pursue their goals through all types of markets since 1926. All Loomis Sayles portfolio managers are active, high-conviction investors who draw on the firm's deep research resources. In fact, 76% of investment professionals at Loomis Sayles are dedicated to research and trading, and $100 million was committed to proprietary research in 2018.*

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