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Diverse minds fuel insightful ideas. And ideas mean opportunities. Fixed Income. Equities. Illiquids. Alternatives. Thematics. Sustainable investing. Welcome to The Expert Collective.

We are Natixis Investment Managers. And we believe in expertise.

Experts mean the difference between crisis and calm. Guesswork and precision. Challenge and opportunity. And in a rapidly changing world, expertise has never been more relevant.

We’ve taken an expert approach to expertise, assembling a collection of specialists in fixed income, equities, illiquids, alternatives, thematics – and of course, sustainable investing.

They exchange ideas and skills, honing and evolving their offering. And with over 200 investment strategies between them, you can be sure that every approach is covered.

It doesn’t stop there. Our affiliate family is enhanced by the expertise of our clients and partners. Diverse minds fuel insightful ideas. And ideas mean opportunities.

We will never stop building our collection of experts - welcoming all, for the benefit of all.

Our Featured Expertise:


Transition your portfolio into tomorrow with a focus on positive environmental and social impact.

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Thematics Asset Management

A multi-thematic portfolio built for the future

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Loomis Sayles Investing

Think broadly. Act decisively.

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Discover our collection of experts

Diverse minds fuel insightful ideas. And ideas mean opportunities.

Explore our collection of the latest thinking from our experts on thematic and sustainable investing. Discover the topics on the minds of portfolio managers and investment chiefs, and why everyone’s talking about them. Delve into our research that canvasses the opinions and trends shaping the investment landscape..

Future Of…

Which disruptive forces are driving longer-term thinking?

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The Green Zone

Can sustainable investing really have a positive impact?

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Tune-in to the topics every investor should understand.

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Research Findings

Our surveys have fuelled insights since 2010.

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As we continue to navigate complex, unpredictable and ultimately challenging market environments for investors, the repricing of assets and reassessment of traditional asset allocation can lead to important new opportunities for asset owners. And we believe our approach can make the difference.

Whether it's in fixed income, equities or private assets, we embrace the expertise of our affiliates and wider partners, and we make the most of local and dedicated client-facing professionals in every region. This means we are always looking to propose new ideas and innovative solutions for our clients.

Experience The Expert Collective.

Our affiliate family is enhanced by the expertise of our clients and partners – everyone from local institutes to world organisations. Combine this with our global reach, management, products, and services, and we have the expert resources needed for a world class asset management organisation.1

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