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Natixis Portfolio Clarity

Natixis Portfolio Clarity is the portfolio consulting service of Natixis Investment Managers. Specialized consultants provide objective portfolio analysis to investment professionals who seek a deeper level of insight, using sophisticated analytic tools to identify and quantify sources of risk and return. The Natixis Portfolio Clarity team works with investors all over the world to help them better analyse and enhance their model portfolios. The team then amalgamates that data and shares these top level findings with investors in the form of Portfolio Barometer reports which identify investment trends across risk rated model portfolios.


Natixis Portfolio Clarity Services

The Natixis Portfolio Clarity team is an international team of highly qualified industry professionals, many with credentials including CFA®, CFP®, and Financial Risk Manager (FRM). We use sophisticated analytic tools and offer collaborative guidance to help support your investment decisions.

Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation*

Our premier service is a comprehensive model portfolio evaluation that culminates in a detailed report that you review with your consultant. This free, bespoke analysis focuses primarily on risk exposures, because we believe risk is a more stable variable than return in portfolio construction. The ultimate goal is to achieve better returns with lower overall volatility.

  • We have a variety of institutional tools at our disposal
  • Our customized analysis is based on your unique requirements
  • Follow-up analysis to address further questions

Value at Risk

Factor Analysis

Asset Allocation Building Blocks

Stress Test

Risk Budgeting

Peer Group

How we work with you

We work with you to identify and address any shortcomings, within the context of your model portfolio guidelines. Our goal is to help you develop a consistent process to guide future portfolio construction decisions.

6 step process

While the content of the reporting package varies by client, the following analytics are examples of the reporting you can expect to receive: Correlations, Stress Test, Value at Risk by Asset Class, and Factor Analysis.

Would you like more information?

The Solutions division is comprised of teams based in London and Paris. This material has been provided for information purposes only to investment service providers or other Professional Clients, Qualified or Institutional Investors and, when required by local regulation, only at their written request. This material must not be used with Retail Investors.

The Natixis Portfolio Clarity team does not provide investment advice under MIFID 2 regulation.

* If you are in scope of MiFID II Regulation: Our Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation is generally offered free of charge. It is important however that you consider with your legal and compliance advisers whether you are permitted to receive it free of charge under MiFID II.

We outline below our approach to requests for Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluations:

Where you request a Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation free of charge: Unless you inform us otherwise we will provide the Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation to you on the basis that you are permitted to receive it as a non-monetary benefit in accordance with applicable law and regulation.

If you need to know the value of the Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation so that you may disclose it’s value to your underlying clients: We can provide you with a valuation for the Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation as requested.

If you tell us you are not permitted, or do not wish, to receive the Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation free of charge: We can provide the Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation to you for a fee. Please ask us for our fees and standard Terms and Conditions.  

Please contact us if you need any additional information.