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Find long-term value in US equities with Harris Associates, which has been focusing on value investing since 1976 to uncover undervalued, growing companies

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The world is complex, investing shouldn’t be

Finding an investment manager is easy. Finding the right one, is far harder. What we have learned over 40 years of nurturing active investment managers is that the best ones tend to exhibit certain key qualities, irrespective of their style or approach – strength of conviction, consistency and expertise. Our managers are not the same, in fact their differences are what makes them both unique and invaluable in a world that is too complex for easy answers and too volatile for indecision. But, whether you are looking for broad exposure to money markets or a niche private asset play, what you will find are experts, filled with conviction and resolutely focused on the long term interests of clients.
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More is good, different is better. Find out more about our range of alternatives investment strategies.


There’s more than one way to invest in equities. Find the one that’s right for you.

Fixed income

Find the fixed income manager that best fits your needs.
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Multi-asset strategies that meet a need.
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Private assets

Gain a single point of access to high conviction investment managers that have a deep understanding of private markets.
Sustainable Investing Capabilities​

Sustainable investing

There are many routes to a more sustainable future, we believe our active managers can help find one that works for you.