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From broad money market exposure to niche private assets our investment managers offer expertise across the investment spectrum.

Cookie policy

Last updated: April 2022

Natixis Investment Managers is the French-based holding company of a diverse line-up of specialised investment management and distribution entities worldwide (collectively referred to as "we", "us", "our", or "Natixis Investment Managers"). For more detail about Natixis Investment Managers and our operations please see the relevant Terms of use that govern our websites (each referred to individually as a "Site"), as well as the relevant Privacy statement.


What Is a cookie?

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Use of cookies

The cookies we use contain information that identifies your device and stores data about your visits to our Site(s) both during and after your visits. We strongly encourage you to also review the important information that is contained in our Privacy Statement about why and how we may process this data from time to time. Natixis Investment Managers uses cookies for several different reasons, such as:

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  • only if we already have a pre-established business relationship with you, and are thereby already processing your personal data for another purpose, then in limited circumstances (e.g., if you reach the Site via a click-through link contained in a marketing communication from us, or posted within one of our corporate social media accounts), and if you consent to this, cookies would be used to monitor your activity while on the Site (the pages you visit within the Site, the documents you download, and other information collected throughout your navigation within the Site(s)) for the purpose of better customizing our future business interactions with you.

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Managing cookies

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Third party cookies

You will see, from the list of cookies used on our Site above, that several of the cookies we use are provided by third parties. These third party companies use cookies to help us improve our service to you, and to promote our content on third party websites. We do will not have any control over the configuration or installation of these third party cookies on your device(s) in the event you select “Accept All Cookies”, so your consent to install cookies on your device(s) will only be valid and apply to our own cookies, and not to third party cookieswe strongly. We therefore suggest that you check these third party websites for more information about the use of cookies and information about how to accept or go back and reject the installation of such any such third party cookies on your device(s).


More information about our personal data processing activities

Please refer to our global privacy statement for more information about the processing of any of your personal data that may potentially be collected through our use of cookies on the Sites.