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From broad money market exposure to niche private assets our investment managers offer expertise across the investment spectrum.
Equities investment

Where skill meets precision

We know there’s more than one way to invest in equities. Find the right one for you.


The concentration of today’s stock market, both geographically and at the individual company level, means diversification, analysis, and time-tested investment themes are more important than ever. So, when it comes to investing in a portfolio of companies, more is not always the answer – more and different is.

Our investment managers approach equities investing with many different styles, yet they are each advancing on the same goal: to outperform the market over the long term. And in that pursuit, we believe an active approach that understands how to rebalance and when to strike can make all the difference.

Why Natixis Investment Managers for equities?


€364.7 billion in equities (31% of Natixis IM global AUM, as at 31st December 2023)


North America, Europe, Asia, Emerging markets


Value and growth; small and large cap; systematic top-down and concentrated bottom-up; thematic ideas and sustainable solutions

Our featured expertise

A consistent, high-conviction approach to value investing.
Performance-driven investment strategies backed by deep proprietary research and a system of integrated risk analysis.
Dedicated to sustainable investing.
Thematics Asset Management is a dedicated equity investor in innovative thematic strategies.

The best equities investors share a strength of conviction, consistency, and expertise. These traits define Natixis Investment Managers’ independent affiliate managers, who each express them differently.  And it’s these differences that make them both unique and invaluable in the complex, volatile world of equities investing.

Equities investment strategies overview

Actively managed and resolutely focused, our affiliates’ equity strategies offer investors exposure to many styles and geographies. So, whether you are looking for Value or Growth; small cap or large cap; systematic top-down, concentrated bottom-up; thematic ideas or sustainable, responsible or impact solutions, you can feel confident that we can provide the right best-of-breed option for you.

Our other capabilities

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More is good, different is better. Find out more about our range of alternatives investment strategies.
There’s more than one way to invest in equities. Find the one that’s right for you. Find the active equities investment manager that best fits your needs.
Fixed income
Find the fixed income investment manager that best fits your needs
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Whether searching for yield or protection against volatility, our multi-asset expertise can help
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Private assets
Gain a single point of access to high conviction investment managers that have a deep understanding of private markets.
Sustainable investing
There are many routes to a more sustainable future, we believe our active managers can help find one that works for you.

Important information

All investing involves risk, including loss of capital.