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Mirova is a 100% sustainability-driven asset management company that offers its clients investment solutions combining the search for financial performance with environmental and social impact. Thanks to multidisciplinary teams united around the same vision and its ability to innovate and create partnerships with the best experts, Mirova seeks to direct capital towards the needs of investment in a real sustainable and value-creating economy. Mirova is a mission-led and B Corp certified company.

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Transition your portfolio into tomorrow

Search for financial outperformance with a focus on positive environmental and social impact

The Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund aims to identify key transitions that are shaping the Future – including demographics, the environment, technology, and corporate governance. Its high conviction, multi-thematic approach is designed to combine financial performance with environmental and social impact. The fund seeks to:

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Outperform the MSCI World Net Dividends Reinvested Index* over the long term

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Be aligned with a 2ºC global warming scenario**

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Invest in companies whose activities contribute positively to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Each investment includes risks, including capital loss and sustainability risks.

* For more information on the reference index, visit
** Corresponds to the action plan put in place to respect the Paris Agreement, that is to say the increase that should not be exceeded for the average temperature of the planet between 1850 and 2100. Internal limits non-binding at the date of this document and not mentioned in the regulatory documentation, subject to change by Mirova without prior notice. The carbon footprint of investments is calculated using a proprietary methodology that may involve bias.

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Natixis Investment Managers believes companies with stronger ESG profiles can exhibit:

1 Higher profitability

2 Lower risk of
severe drawdowns

3 Lower
systematic risk

4 Greater potential for long-term growth and innovation

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More and more investors are demanding ESG investments

62% of institutional investors say there’s alpha to be found in ESG*

36% of individual investors say they invest in ESG because they want their investments to align with their personal values**

* Natixis Investment Managers, Global Survey of Institutional Investors conducted by CoreData Research in October and November 2020. Survey included 500 institutional investors in 29 countries.
** Natixis Investment Managers, Global Survey of Individual Investors conducted by CoreData Research, March-April 2021. Survey included 8,550 investors in 24 countries.


4 transitions that are reshaping the world—and creating opportunity*
As part of its strategy to create long-term sustainable returns, Mirova identifies companies globally that provide solutions to the challenges related to four major long-term trends. These trends will drive transformation regardless of cyclicality of the global economy.

For example, Mirova believes sea levels will continue to rise. Natural sources of fresh water will continue to become scarcer. People will continue to live longer, and innovations in technology will continue to change the way the world interacts and conducts business. Depending on where companies stand with regard to sustainability, these transitions create risks – or opportunities.

* The information provided reflects Mirova’s opinion / the situation is as of the date of this document and is subject to change without notice.

The Four Transitions of a Changing World
  • Demographics


  • Technology


  • Environment


  • Governance


6 differentiators that set the Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund and Mirova apart


Jens Peers

Jens Peers, CFA®

CEO and CIO, Portfolio Manager

Hua Cheng

Hua Cheng, PhD, CFA®

Portfolio Manager

Jens Peers and Hua Cheng are contracted by Mirova and seconded to Mirova US. Mirova US and Mirova agreed on a participating affiliate agreement.
CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by the CFA Institute.

Mirova’s approach to ESG assessment

At Mirova, analysis of an asset—any asset regardless of asset class—allows us to establish an overall qualitative opinion, described using a five-point scale and makes it possible for us to determine whether the asset is consistent with achieving the SDGs.* This assessment is conducted in accordance with our main principles and includes the risk/opportunity approach, taking into account the quality of products and services as well as the way operations are conducted, the global approach of the entire life cycle, and the differentiation approach, adapting issue selection to the specificities of each asset.**

* Among ESG data providers or financial players, qualitative opinions can take a variety of forms. Letter grades (e.g. CCC to AAA at MSCI, D- to A+ at ISS ESG), qualification of an opinion (Weak  / Limited / Robust / Advanced at Vigeo Eiris, Negligible / Low / Medium / High / Severe at Sustainalytics). These qualitative opinions are generally accompanied by numerical scores, for example a score between 0 and 100.
** The analysis grids adopted sector by sector are communicated in publicly available sectoral sheets.
2 For more information on Mirova’s methodologies, please refer to the Mirova website:

To illustrate the contribution of our investments to the primary issues of sustainable development, our ‘global’ assessment is broken down into six impact pillars: three related to environmental issues, three based on social issues.* Each pillar is assessed according to our five-point qualitative scale, from Negative to Committed.

* Source - Source: Mirova / ILG - Cambridge CISL. This segmentation of sustainability issues into 6 pillars is based on the work of the Investment Leaders Group (ILG) within the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) - See

  • Environmental



Climate Stability

Limit GHG3 levels to stabilize global temperature rise under 2°C1

Healthy Ecosystems

Maintain ecologically sound landscapes and seas for nature and people

Resource Security

Preserve stocks of natural resources through efficient and circular use

Basic Needs

Energy, shelter, sanitation, communication, transportation, credit and health for all


Enhanced health, education, justice and equality of opportunity for all

Decent Work

Secure, socially inclusive jobs and working conditions for all

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