Going Where the Value Is Greater: International Equities

Big price dispersions on quality businesses and currency discounts excite international value investing expert David Herro.

Price dispersions between growth and value stocks appear to be unsustainable to David Herro, CFA®, CIO-International Equities, Portfolio Manager, Harris Associates/Oakmark Funds. This and other factors, he believes, should be favorable for international value investing as we move into the new year.

Among the investing considerations highlighted by Herro in the video:
  • There is currently a double discount in international equities today – lower stock prices and foreign currencies versus the US.
  • While Europe may be viewed as a slow-growth region, it is home to quality companies that do business all over the world.
  • Merger and acquisition activity within the small cap universe makes it an exciting place to be invested in today.
  • Continued volatility in 2024 may provide attractive buying opportunities in international markets should prices on quality companies become discounted.
For more information, download a whitepaper from the Harris Associates international markets team for a more in-depth look at how international markets are priced today.

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