Harris Associates U.S. Value Equity Fund
Find long-term value in US equities with Harris Associates, which has been focusing on value investing since 1976 to uncover undervalued, growing companies
Harris Associates

U.S. Value Equity Fund

Find long-term value in US equities


Fund risks

• The Fund invests primarily in large equity securities of U.S. companies and may be more volatile due to concentration risks. • The Fund is subject to equities and foreign exchange risks. • The Fund may hold equities having a value bias which may continue to be underpriced by the market for sustained periods of time. • The Fund may use financial derivative instruments ("FDI") for hedging, efficient portfolio management and investment purposes which may involve counterparty/credit, liquidity, valuation, volatility and over-the-counter transaction risks. In adverse circumstances, the Fund may suffer significant losses in relation to use of FDI. • This investment involves risks and investors may suffer substantial or total loss of their investment fund. • Investor should not invest in the Fund solely based on the information provided in this webpage and should read the prospectus for details, including the risk factors.

Where skill meets precision

Harris Associates has been investing in US value since 1976. Its long-term, patient approach allows the team to look beyond the short-term noise and wait for price and value to converge. Their investment philosophy focuses on the three tenets: (1) Buy businesses at a significant discount to their estimate of intrinsic value; (2) Invest in companies expected to grow per share value over time; (3) Invest with management teams that think and act as owners. They conduct rigorous fundamental research on companies across industries in search of undervalued, growing businesses with aligned management teams.

Long track record

Incepted since 2001

Value lens

Search for businesses at a significant discount to their estimate intrinsic value

Long-term growth

Invest in companies expected to grow per share value over time


Concentered portfolio of 40 – 60 stocks

Award winning

Recognition from the industry*

Reasons to invest

Founded in 1976, Harris Associates has been focusing on value investing. Its investment process has been tested through multiple market cycles.

Source: Morningstar, Harris Associates. Past performance is not a guarantee of its future results.

Source: Morningstar, Harris Associates. Past performance is not a guarantee of its future results.


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The portfolio management team

Anthony Coniaris, CFA®
Partner, Chairman, Portfolio Manager and US Investment Analyst
Harris Associates
Michael A. Nicolas, CFA®
Partner, Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst
Harris Associates
Robert F. Bierig
Partner, Portfolio Manager and US Investment Analyst
Harris Associates

The firm

Harris Associates, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers

Found in 1976 with asset under management US$104.3 billion, Harris Associates manages US, global, and international strategies. The firm employs an intensive, fundamental in-house research process to identify companies trading at a significant discount to managers' estimates of intrinsic business value. Harris Associates uses its experienced team, consistent and pervasive philosophy, repeatable and fundamental process, and long-term investment horizons as the foundation of steadfast conviction.
Source: Harris Associates, as of 31/12/2023.

Natixis Investment Managers

Ranked the top 20 global asset managers and 2nd European manager. With asset under management US$1.3 trillion, Natixis Investment Managers’ multi-affiliate approach connects clients to the independent thinking and focused expertise of more than 15 active managers. Natixis Investment Managers delivers a diverse range of solutions across asset classes, styles, and vehicles, including innovative environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies and products dedicated to advancing sustainable finance.
Source: Cerulli and Natixis Investment Managers, as of 31/12/2023.

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* 2024 Asian Private Banker Asset Management Awards for Excellence were issued by Asian Private Banker, reflecting product performance, asset gathering, service quality and fund selector feedback as at 31 August 2023. For award’s details and methodology, please refer to https://asianprivatebanker.com/awards/assetmanagement-awards-for-excellence-2024

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