Harris Associates U.S. Value Equity Fund
Find long-term value in US equities with Harris Associates, which has been focusing on value investing since 1976 to uncover undervalued, growing companies


For two decades, IML has taken a consistent, value-based approach to investing in quality Australian equities.

IML has a conservative investment style with a long-term focus and aims to deliver consistent returns for clients. Focusing on both quality and value, IML has an active, ‘bottom-up’ approach to identifying, researching and valuing companies listed on the Australian stock exchange. They use deep fundamental research to aim to uncover high-quality companies trading at reasonable valuations and have followed this same investment philosophy since they were founded by Anton Tagliaferro in 1998, over 25 years ago. Boasting 9 Australian equity funds, their strategies have varying investment profiles and return characteristics to potentially suit different investment needs. 

Sydney, Australia
Australian equities
USD 2.8B as of March 31, 2024
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