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Harris Associates named ‘Best Fund Provider’ for value equity

December 19, 2023 - 1 min read

With Harris Associates, our investment manager specialised in value investing, we are delighted to be named ‘Best Fund Provider’ for Value equity and received ‘Highly Commended’ for US equity at the 2024 Asian Private Banker Asset Management Awards for Excellence1. Against a challenging year for value, this is a testament to the resilient and favourable performance of the Harris Associates U.S. Value Equity strategy.

Value investing redefined

Established in 1976, Harris Associates have implemented a consistent investment philosophy and disciplined research process of value investing. The firm has a broader definition of value than many of its peers and value is viewed as a function of price and quality. The investment philosophy has three key tenets:

  • Price: Businesses trading at a significant discount to our estimate of their intrinsic value
  • Growth: Companies expected to grow their per-share value over the long term
  • Management: Executive teams that think and act like owners
Patience is key

As value investors, Harris Associates focus on estimating the intrinsic value of an underlying business – not on predicting the near-term market price. This long-term, patient approach allows us to look beyond the short-term noise and strive to deliver solid returns to clients over time.


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1 2024 Asian Private Banker Asset Management Awards for Excellence were issued by Asian Private Banker, reflecting product performance, asset gathering, service quality and fund selector feedback as at 31 August 2023. Please click here for award’s details and further information.


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