To reach Net Zero and avoid the worst effects of climate change, the world needs to wean itself off carbon-intensive energy - fast. For this to be possible every country needs to undergo a complete change to the way it sources, produces and delivers energy. The clean energy revolution is likely to profoundly change the world, but what’s not so clear is exactly how and when these changes will occur. This makes the challenge for investors more acute.

How should investors take advantage of the massive flows of capital into the energy transition – estimated to rise to US$5.6 trillion by 2031* - while simultaneously managing the risks to their investment portfolios?

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This is the key question at the heart of this whitepaper. We turned to three investment experts with significant experience in energy investment, from three affiliates of Natixis Investment Managers, in different parts of the world:
  • Jens Peers, Global CIO of Equities and Fixed Income, Mirova
  • Chris Wallis, CEO and CIO, Vaughan Nelson
  • Tim Wood, Portfolio Manager and Head of ESG at IML
Our experts delve into the scale of the opportunity, how far into the multi-decade transition we are and their advice to investors on how to approach the various opportunities available.

They also discuss: 
  • The investment opportunities they are most optimistic about, including electrification, wind, nuclear, natural gas, carbon capture and storage and hydrogen.
  • The main risks they see for investors including government regulation, technological risk and geopolitical risk.
  • Tips for investors on how to capitalise on this profound shift in the global investment landscape
While our experts were united in their excitement about the investment potential of the global energy transition, and the scope for investors to get involved, they did not agree on each aspect involved. But that was expected, and in fact desirable. We believe that diversity of thought creates better, deeper insights, and ultimately better actions.

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Our experts

Jens Peers

Global CIO of Equities and Fixed Income

Chris Wallis

Vaughan Nelson

Tim Wood

Portfolio Manager and Head of ESG

Diverse minds fuel insightful ideas. And ideas mean opportunities.

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* Allied Market Research:

Capital at risk.

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