Dear Clients and Dear partners,

The phenomenon of impersonation of professionals in the financial sector is on the rise, so Natixis Investment Managers International invites all its partners to be extra vigilant with fraudulent solicitations by relaying the message below:

Vauban Infrastructure Partners, a French asset management company, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, draws the public’s attention to the impersonation of its identity and the identity of some of its staff members, including by the use of e-mail addresses not ending by

An alert, “Warning: Vauban Infrastructure Partners.” with all these elements is available on the website since the 10th of May 2023.

This fraudulent behavior seems so far to focus on a “term deposit account” supposedly proposed by Vauban Infrastructure Partners, and potentially on other products. These fraudulent contracts have no legal value and do not bind Vauban Infrastructure Partners or lead to its liability.

Vauban Infrastructure Partners and its subsidiaries do not offer investments (in term deposit account or any other financial investment) to customers via e-mail, social networks, electronic trading platforms or by telephone. In addition, Vauban Infrastructure Partners and its subsidiaries do not offer investments to retail customers or private individuals.

If you have been solicited, please:
(i) do not respond to such solicitations or make any payment in connection therewith and
(ii) contact Vauban Infrastructure Partners ‘s Compliance Department immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Vauban Infrastructure Partners urges its customers, prospects and any other persons to be extremely vigilant and not to respond to any investment solicitations made via e-mail, phone calls or social networks/instant messaging.

Furthermore, the Supervisory Authorities and the asset management professional associations recommend that solicitations from persons who are not clearly identified should not be followed up without first carrying out careful checks to ensure their identity:
  • contact the company your interlocutor claims to be from yourself after having researched its contact details (telephone, email and postal address) to check that the contact is indeed from it;
  • compare the email of the person you are talking to with that of the authorized professional to the letter;
  • ask the professional association of which your contact claims to be a member;
  • check the websites of the regulators (AMF, CSSF, CONSOB, FSMA etc.) for unauthorized actors sites that impersonate regulated actors.

The rules of vigilance to keep in mind before any investment are as following:
  • Do not communicate your personal details (phone number, e-mail, identity documents, bank details, IBAN, proof of address, etc.) to contacts or sites whose reliability you cannot attest to, or by filling in forms on the Internet after clicking on an advertising banner;
  • Do not follow up on unsolicited phone calls;
  • Do not take at face value information given by a person on the phone, who is not necessarily the person you think;
  • Do not give in to the urgency or pressure of your interlocutor, take the time to reflect;
  • Be wary of promises of quick gains without compensation; there is no high return without high risk.

If you have any questions or need further information do not hesitate to contact your usual point of contact within the Natixis IM Group, or alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours sincerely,
Natixis Investment Managers International