Harris Associates於1976年成立,擅長價值投資。透過Harris美國價值股票基金,發掘被市場低估,但業務持續增長及管理層一致的企業。

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions 提供一系列的投資專長及全面整合服務,並以客戶作為投資歷程每一步的中心。

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions 提供一系列的投資專長及全面整合服務,並以客戶作為投資歷程每一步的中心。從發現到設計以至製造,我們的流程專注於一個目標:構建定制的投資解決方案以滿足客戶的特定需要。

Natixis Investment Managers | Solutions
Asset allocation, portfolio construction and multi-asset portfolio management
USD 60.6 B 截至 3月 31, 2024



* Source Natixis IM, 31/12/2020

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions : Natixis Investment Managers Solutions teams, based in several locations (Paris, London, Geneva, Boston) gathers the asset allocation, the portfolio construction, multi-asset portfolio management and structuring expertises of Natixis Investment Manager.s Only the entity based in Paris has the portfolio management company certification.

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