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Portfolio construction

2024 Investment idea: Quality/growth

December 21, 2023 - 10 min read

Portfolio consultants Mark Cintolo and Sean Kaukas apply the Investment Committee’s Cyclicality vs. Inflation framework to equity allocations for 2024.

  • Much of the volatility over the past few years can really be boiled down to the market repricing inflation and growth, so we built a framework to help clients align their portfolios with their outlook on both of these factors.
  • In 2023 we’ve seen an environment where inflation has eased dramatically, falling from levels that we hadn't seen in decades – and now it’s within striking distance of the Federal Reserve's 2% target.
  • Meanwhile, economic growth has proven much more resilient than many initially expected.
  • Looking ahead, we expect inflation and the labor market to continue normalizing, but we appreciate the potential for a slowing growth environment.
  • Based on our historical framework, we’ve seen the quality factor outperform in slowing growth environments, along with growth strategies – particularly US large cap growth.
  • We also see two scenarios that would warrant a cut in interest rates by the Fed next year – and it’s important to understand both of them when making portfolio allocations.

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