Each year, in addition to year-end distributions, mutual funds may be subject to an additional distribution, commonly referred to as a spillback. Spillback distributions represent ordinary income and/or capital gains from the previous fiscal year that were not distributed by the end of that year—in this case, November 30, 2020, December 31, 2020 and January 31, 2021.

Natixis Investment Managers is providing estimates of spillback distributions to be paid in March and April for the convenience of shareholders and their financial advisors to assist with tax and investment planning; however, such estimates are not intended to be a precise indicator of spillback distribution amounts. Please note that for funds that pay monthly and quarterly ordinary income distributions, the amounts shown below will be in addition to the monthly or quarterly ordinary income to be paid on the same date. If a fund is not listed below, then it is not expected to pay a spillback distribution.

Final distribution rates will be made available after distributions have been paid in March and April. Spillback distributions are taxable in 2021, even though they represent ordinary income and/or capital gains earned by the funds in 2020. As such, these distributions will not impact tax filing for the 2020 calendar year. Remember to work with a qualified tax advisor.

Fund Distributions FAQ

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Estimated Capital Gains
Ticker Fund Name Share Class Estimated Dividend Estimated Short-Term Capital Gains Estimated Long-Term Capital Gains Estimated Total Capital Gains % of NAV Record Date Ex-Date Pay Date Summary Prospectus

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* The percent of net asset value (“NAV”) is calculated using the March 5, 2021 NAV. The percent of NAV above is calculated using a fund’s estimated short-term and long-term capital gain spillback distribution per share only, whereas the SEC yield is calculated using theoretical income from the prior 30-day period, net of expenses. The percent of NAV may vary among funds with similar portfolios due to differences in each fund’s tax, accounting and distribution policies, whereas the SEC yield is standardized and mandated by the SEC to allow for a fair comparison among funds.

The information provided is estimated. Actual distributions are subject to change.

Natixis Investment Managers does not provide tax or legal advice. Shareholders should consult with a qualified tax advisor regarding their personal tax situation.

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