Investors today are inundated with information and expressing frustration that amid all the breaking market news, opinions, and trendspotting, nobody is hearing their questions and concerns. Of the more than 400 individual investors we surveyed in the United States, 40% reported that their advisor is not listening to them as much as they would like.1

What do investors want help with?
In many cases, advisors may be hard pressed to bring their clients news of any major market trend or event that they don’t already know about. However, advisors have a dynamic opportunity to do for their clients what the financial media and social networks cannot – listen to their needs, goals, and concerns. For example, 30% of the investors we surveyed report needing help finding investment strategies that reflect their personal values. One in four want their advisor to help them discuss financial planning matters with their family. The same number of clients want their advisor to clearly explain their investing fees.

Shutting the door on the clatter
In an investment universe where information is everywhere, the most effective advisors may be those that serve as a soundboard for their clients. After all, advisors cannot expect to add value to their client relationships without a comprehensive understanding of the goals and challenges that are unique to them. The trust clients hold in their advisory relationship runs deep – six in ten investors say they would follow their advisor rather than stay with a current firm should their advisor make a move. Advisors who take the time to make their clients feel confident that their concerns are being heard and addressed stand to grow their business on the basis of trust.

Seven ways to enhance client relationships

How well do you know your clients?
Understanding investors' sentiment is central to cutting through the noise of today’s markets. Access our most recent research on the attitudes and behavior of investors worldwide at

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1 Natixis Investment Managers, Global Survey of Individual Investors conducted by CoreData Research, February-March 2017. Survey included 8,300 investors from 26 countries. 750 investors were from the US, of which 432 have a financial professional.