After several years of research and product testing and observing real-time Seeyond risk-adjusted performance in Europe, Natixis launched the Natixis Seeyond International Minimum Volatility ETF (MVIN) for US investors in October 2016. We launched this strategy for three important reasons:

1. We wanted to provide a strategy to investors who may be under-allocated to volatility-controlled (risk-reducing) products, e.g., products that can hedge on the downside. Over the last 10 years of the equity bull market, some investors have over-allocated to higher risk assets and have put themselves at risk in the event of a market correction. MVIN has the potential to help investors address this overexposure to higher risk equity.

2. We found through our testing that many investors are seeking portfolio diversification. MVIN selects stocks based on their risk profile, rather than their return potential. Investment strategies that do this are rare and have the ability to exploit a phenomenon known as the “low volatility anomaly.” This anomaly has found that the lowest volatility stocks across all geographies can outperform stocks of higher risk over a full market cycle. By working to exploit the low volatility anomaly, MVIN provides investors with the potential to generate strong absolute and risk-adjusted returns.

3. Many US investors remain under-allocated to non-US stocks. The reasons for this can include home country bias, the belief that US stocks carry less risk, and the fact that US stocks have outperformed international stocks during the latest 10-year bull market.

As the bull market moves through what may be its late stages, MVIN could potentially help investors round out their portfolios and prepare for the unknown of the next investment cycle.

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