Natixis government affairs specialist Susan Olson hosts DC political expert Bob Marsh for a multi-faceted discussion of the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. Highlights of their discussion:
  • As elections approach, voters focus on the issues and things become less emotional and more thoughtful. Amidst abortion, rising crime rates, immigration and other issues, polling shows that inflation and the economy may be more important to voters, and as a result, could drive the messaging from both sides.
  • Donald Trump is having an outsized impact in this election. For Republicans, his presence is looking like a mixed bag….
  • Consequences of the midterms and control of both chambers reaches to who will run in 2024, whether we’re looking at a Biden-Trump rematch as some assume, or possibly Ron DeSantis or Liz Cheney on the right, Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg on the left, or any of several current governors or senators.
  • Beyond the consequential house and senate elections determining control of both chambers, it really does matter that voters cast their votes in November. Decisions about crucial issues on voters’ minds right now, like abortion, are decided upon in state legislative politics even more than on the federal level.
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